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    Nangle to retire, Doria promoted at Harris Products


    David J. Nangle is set to retire from his role as Executive Vice-President, President, at The Harris Products Group on October 1 after a 42-year career with the Cleveland, US-based company.

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    New VMG manifold gets patent


    Vendor Managed Gas Telemetry (VMG) has had the patent accepted for its Automatic Reserve Fill Smart Manifold TM , a manifold that automatically switches over to the reserve cylinder, so you never need to worry about downtime caused from running out of product.

  • Automatic Reserve Fill Smart ManifoldTM

    VMG launches new smart manifolds


    Vendor Managed Gas Telemetry (VMG) has unveiled two new smart manifolds to work with its telemetry and leak tester products.

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    Coronavirus: NSWC develops portable oxygen manifold


    The Naval Surface Warfare Centre has developed a new portable medical oxygen manifold in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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    Parker extends distribution manifold range


    Parker Hannifin, a motion and control technologies expert, has extended its range of distribution manifolds to meet customer requirements for lower pressure applications.

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    Parker Hannifin setting standards in Europe


    Parker, which is working with Total on the project, is working to establish standards in the manifolds market in Europe. Parker is the first company to have secured a 100% pass rate in quality tests.

  • Martin bender managing director of witt – August 2015

    Process solutions for the products of tomorrow


    WITT this year celebrates 70 years in gas analysis and control equipment, having begun with the launch of the world’s first dry flashback arrestor in 1945. Few, including founder Paul Witt, could have foreseen the company’s journey since then, as Managing Director Martin Bender explains in an interview with gasworld. ...

  • interview-with-JC-Schmitz - March 2015

    Enterprise throughout the generations – An interview with Rotarex S.A


    With 10 factories and 30 sales and logistics centres shipping its products to over 65 countries around the world, Rotarex S.A. is at the forefront of the global gas control equipment business, as CEO and Chairman Jean-Claude (J.C.) Schmitz explains in an interview with gasworld magazine.

  • Gas handling and purification equipment - MATHESON - February 2015

    In focus...Gas handling and purification equipment


    In a sub-sector of industrial gases as broad as gas handling, it would be an impossible feat to detail where the trends are for each of the varied components - like valves, manifolds, regulators, high pressure hoses, quick release mechanisms, and more.

  • July 2014 Sub Theme

    In focus...Cylinder filling plants


    This month’s sub-theme marks the end of a trio of features looking into various aspects of the cylinder market. While last month’s topic focused on the growth drivers and technological trends associated with the manufacturing of cylinders, here we ask questions of the companies involved in the construction of cylinder ...

  • July 2014 Equipment Profile Safety Hoses

    An introduction to...Safety hoses


    When incompatible parts are used together and hoses come loose from their fittings, the results can be devastating on workers and the surrounding environment. Add a confined space to the mix, and it can become fatal. In fact, a number of tragic incidents over recent months have highlighted just how ...

  • July 2014 Sub Theme 3 Cryostar Image 1

    Cylinder filling – A project in standardisation


    Philippe Fauvel, Commercial Manager of Distribution Business Unit at Cryostar, discusses how a factory for packaging standard and modular gas bottles is possible.

  • July 2014 Sub Theme Rotarex

    Gas filling operations – Productivity in the upstream supply chain


    Charles Strobel, Marketing Manager at Rotarex SA, discusses the company’s experiences in the field of gas filling applications and the trends that are driving its technology developments.

  • july 2014 Company Profile MTEC

    m-tech GmbH – Carving a niche in cylinder filling


    In the 1990s, m-tech was the ‘system division’ for customised gas filling solutions within the parent company müller co-ax AG, with decades of experience in valve production across various global business fields.

  • Transporting Compressed Gases

    Transporting Compressed Gases


    They go by many names — packs, cages, racks, bundles — but they all do the same thing. They hold gas. To gas suppliers and gas users these hard-working items are vital to moving molecules, and the compressed gas industry depends on their proper, efficient, and safe use. Manifolded cylinder ...