The Messer Group has invested nearly €3m ($3.7m) in two new production facilities in Bulgaria and Bosnia-Herzegovina, expanding its carbon dioxide (CO2) business.

In the Bulgarian village of Katunitsa, Messer has commissioned a plant with a capacity of almost one tonne per hour. The largest privately-run industrial gases specialist obtains the CO2 from the waste air generated by an ethanol production in order to then recycle it. Many industrial processes give off CO2 and recovery plants withdraw the gas before it escapes, thereafter cleaning it in several stages to make it ready for reuse.

Katunitsa is located in the centre of Bulgaria; this investment of €350,000 ($428,785) has optimised Messer’s logistics in Bulgaria, enabling it to lower transport costs and provide customers with quicker deliveries, the family-run company explained in a statement.

Messer has also invested in the expansion of its CO2 business in Bosnia-Herzegovina with a new plant in Sočkovac which will increase the existing capacity of 0.85 tonnes of CO2 per hour by two tonnes per hour. The investment – exceeding €2.5m ($3m) – will allow CO2 to be exported to neighbouring countries.

Production and storage as well as the transportation system meet the food industry’s high standards and are certified in accordance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification).

Both plants are already in operation.