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    Messer wins four awards for safety


    The industrial gases specialist Messer was awarded, by the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA), four safety awards for exemplary occupational safety.

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    Messer becomes largest producer in China


    The world’s largest family-owned industrial gases company has become the largest producer of krypton and xenon in China after it put into operation a noble gases plant in Panzhihua.

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    Messer celebrates partnership with Chart Ferox


    The German major purchased its 2,000 th cryogenic storage tank for liquid gases from its partner Chart Ferox – the Czech Republic based tank manufacturer. The two companies have been working together since 2006.

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    Marked improvement in safety at work


    A campaign initiated by the industrial gases specialist Messer has been described as “positive” after being operated for its first year.

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    “Sustainable strategy, steady growth” - Messer


    Messer, the specialist for industrial gases, reported consolidated revenue of €1.047bn and an operating profit (EBITDA) of €240m in the 2014 financial year. In spite of a challenging economic environment, revenue was 2% and operating profit 4% higher year-on-year.

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    Messer technology allows “lossless” electricity transmission


    Industrial gases specialist Messer has developed a new cryogenic technology for the ‘AmpaCity’ project – operated by energy supplier RWE. Cooling superconducting cables down to -209 ° allows electricity to be transported through the grid almost lossless.

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    Messer invests in Slovenia ASU


    A total of €15m will be invested in the construction of a modern ASU. Ground will be broken at the site at the start of 2016 and should be fully constructed within one year.

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    “Think green, print black” - Messer


    The industrial gases major, based in Bad Soden, has announced that it will be switching to black and white when publishing its image and specialist publications – such as the quarterly magazine ‘Gases for Life’.

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    €50,000 prize presented in Germany


    The Adolf Messer Prize, which is endowed with a €50,000 prize, was awarded at the Technical University of Darmstadt recently. The awardee, Annette Andrieu-Brunsen, Junior Professor in the Chemistry Faculty, was awarded for a research project on chemical reactions on the nanoscale.

  • Conference stage

    Asia-Pacific conference “huge success”


    The event, which attracted about 250 attendees from around the globe, has been heralded as a huge success – by delegates throughout the three-day event this week.

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    Stefan Messer scoops business award


    The CEO of The Messer Group won the “Prize for family-run companies” from the international consultancy and accountancy firm Ernst Young in Berlin on November 7th. The prize was awarded as part of the “Entrepreneur of the Year” competition, which each year acknowledges entrepreneurial excellence in different categories. ...

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    Cryogenic practices highlighted by Messer


    From September 30th to October 2nd, Messer will be presenting its cold grinding processes in Nuremberg at Powtech 2014 in hall 4A, stand 4A-529. Messer will show the advantages of liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide as coolants for cold grinding.

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    “Just doing” rarely turns out well


    Safety at the industrial gases specialist Messer which is using imagination to prevent routine mistakes. The company has launched its campaign aimed at improving safety and raising awareness of hazardous situations in day-to-day work.

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    Messer invest in Poland construction


    The largest privately managed industrial gases specialist is investing €30m to build a new production plant for air gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon – plus another €3m in the construction of a filling plant for technical cylinders.

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    Financial targets “exceeded” - Messer


    Industrial gases specialist Messer has posted consolidated sales of €1.027bn and an operating profit (EBITDA) of €231m for the 2013 financial year. In spite of a project-related decline in sales of around €62m, the industrial gases manufacturer has exceeded the financial targets it had set itself for 2013 – including ...

  • Merger aquisition deal

    Messer in double deal


    The largest privately managed industrial gas specialist has purchased 100% of the shares of a company in Spain – formerly owned by Praxair. But Messer has also sold its shares in Messer Italia. The purchaser is the company Rivoira - in which Praxair is the major shareholder.

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    Messer technology protects environment


    The process, of repeatedly freezing and condensing air and nitrogen, was developed by Messer and is being used by Evonik Industries – located in the idyllic setting near the Rhön, Spessart and Vogelsberg Mountains.

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    Messer in specialty gas plant commitment


    The company has today announced plans to invest ¥60m to build a new gas plant at Sanshui Industrial Park, Foshan, in the Guangdong Province.

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    Gases in art wow the crowds


    In Spring 2013, the artist Christo began displaying the “Big Air Package” in association with Messer in Germany – demonstrating how gas, itself, can be art.

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    Chris Biemann wins Adolf Messer prize


    Professor Dr. Biemann, and his group of researchers in the Computer Sciences faculty at the TU Darmstadt have dedicated themselves to answering a problem concerning computers understanding natural language.