Messer Group has partnered with Israel fuel cell manufacturer GenCell Energy to supply hydrogen cylinders to a mobile tower site in Europe.

GenCell announced today (8th Oct) that a Tier One telecom provider has deployed its first G5 hydrogen fuel cell-based long-duration backup solution at an active mobile tower site in Europe.

The rugged, reliable, cost-efficient, zero emission G5 unit has been designed to withstand an extremely wide range of temperatures and weather conditions and will kick in immediately to keep the cell tower operational in the event of a grid outage of any duration.

The G5 was installed with six cylinders of hydrogen, provided by Messer, that will keep the solution running for extended durations with minimal maintenance or service.

The GenCell-Messer partnership will ensure a smooth, cost-efficient and reliable supply of hydrogen cylinders to the tower site.

Guaranteeing the highest standards of safety, leak-tightness and purity, Messer provides streamlined logistics to ensure timely on-demand delivery of replacement cylinders to the site.

“We at Messer are pleased to partner with GenCell to ensure smooth and uninterrupted service for this telecom service provider customer and to be a part of this important project,” commented Diana Buss, Senior Vice-President of Communications at Messer Group.

“As we see increasing regulations aiming to eliminate carbon emissions and to accelerate the transition to clean energy sources throughout Europe and around the globe, more customers are showing interest in moving to hydrogen as well as to the ultimate hydrogen carrier, ammonia.”

“We are excited to collaborate with GenCell to leverage this and other opportunities to provide resilient, cost-effective and emission-free hydrogen-based fuel cell solutions that ensure reliable backup and off-grid power.”