Miller Electric, a global manufacturer of Miller® brand arc welding equipment, has released Wireless Interface Control as an option on Trailblazer® and Big Blue ® welder/generators.

Wireless Interface Control provides full control of the machine at the palm of the operator’s hand, meaning they can work hassle free.

Commenting on the new product, Jake Zwayer, Product Manager of Engine Drives at Miller, said, “When operators have total control over their machine from where they world, they can improve productivity and reduce downtime.”

“It also extends time between fill ups and maintenance intervals and eliminates the need to climb into the truck to make adjustments. Wireless Interface Control helps operators redefine where they work and elevate their performance.

With Wireless Interface Control, operators can remotely adjust amperage and voltage, customise welding programmes, turn the welder/generator on and off, select processes and fine-tune the welding arc to tailor arc responsiveness to better handle changing joint conditions.

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Source: Miller Electric Mfg. LLC

Some of the key benefits and capabilities of the new technology include:

  • Remote process and parameter changes
  • Fuel savings
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Jobsite safety