France-based MIL’S has revealed recent investment in a new welding automatic welding centre that benefits its production planning.

A family company founded in 1926 and located in Genas, MIL’S was reflecting on the development of its VPSA (vacuum pressure swing adsorption) oxygen generators business.

The company is a specialist in the production of central systems for healthcare and industry, and started to develop its VPSA oxygen generators five years ago as it observed the growing cost of energy in many countries. Its 15 years’ experience in manufacturing PSA systems convinced MIL’S that VPSA was the technology for the future.

The low pressure oxygen tanks where the lithium base zeolite is filled, are built in the company’s internal boiler – and MIL’S has now revealed that it recently invested in a new automatic welding centre which will enable it to optimise the cost and adapt production planning.

The pneumatic valves – one of the key success of the cycles – were designed and patented by the MIL’S R&D team.