Messer has announced its continued support of a nationwide network of distributors across the US, known as the Messer Distributor Group (MDG).

Formed in 1993 and formerly known as the Linde Distributor Association prior to the 1st March business acquisition by Messer Group and CVC Capital Partners, MDG today compromises independent distributors aligned with Messer.

The distributors leverage combined strengths in the form of vendor partnerships, share practices and develop strategic ideas focused on growth in US markets.

“Messer is proud to continue to support this unique low-cost model, run by the members with a focus on ensuring distributors have partnerships that enable them to effectively grow in the marketplace,” said Chris Ebeling, Executive Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, Messer North America.

“We see this as a win-win partnership that supports Messer’s US growth strategy with our distributors,” Ebeling continued.

“Our future is bright as we focus on expanding our membership, adapting to changes in the industry and supporting our organisation,” said Gary Lichtenheld, Co-Chairman Elect of the MDG and President of Terrance Welding Supply.

“MDG distributors are loyal and committed to the long-term growth of their business, but they are just as committed to supporting the group as a whole,” said Terry Hall, Co-Chairman of MDG.

“This group is a testimony to the power of the independent distributor model. We are excited by Messer’s commitment to the group and look forward to our shared future,” Hall concluded.