Navigator CO2 Ventures has inked three contracts to advance the execution of the Heartland Greenway CO2 Pipeline Transportation and Sequestration System.

Under the signed agreements, Tenaska and Advanced Resources International will lead the overall development of the initial sequestration site, to be located in south central Illinois.

Chabina Energy Partners will also work with Navigator to promote the commercial outreach and contracting structure, leveraging its experience in renewable fuels transactions and investment opportunities focused on decarbonisation.

Commenting on the new deals, Matt Vining, CEO of Navigator CO2, said, “It is a privilege to work alongside these world-class companies to propel the Heartland Greenway System forward for our customers.”

“Aligning our core competencies provides the perfect complement for the overall execution plan. Projects such as these are capital intensive and require a high degrees of precision to reach completion.”

“These parties bring the necessary technical capability along with an integrity-first approach that aligns with Navigator’s culture.”

Chris Leitner, President of Tenaska’s Strategic Development and Acquisitions Group, added, “Tenaska is excited to work with the Navigator team once again, and on a project that will provide needed infrastructure to capture carbon emissions.”

“The Heartland Greenway System will be an important link in the nation’s shift toward decarbonisation.”

Commenting on his team’s involvement in the project, Scott Chabina, CEO of Chabina Energy Partners, added, “Our experience in these markets confirms that decarbonisation is not a ‘one size fits all’ model.”

“Understanding the nuances within various critical industries is essential to advancing the broader low-carbon economy. The beauty of the Heartland Greenway’s novel value proposition is that it makes decarbonisation accessible for participants across the entire value chain.”