Bedfont®, established in 1976, specialises in the design and manufacture of exhaled breath and gas monitoring instruments for medical, scientific and industrial markets globally. 

The new logo

The new logo

The Bedfont business experienced a lot of developments in 2016, it celebrated 40 years of business and sold its NOxBOX range of intensive care units so that it could focus on its core business of breath analysis.

Managing director, Jason Smith, has decided to update the Bedfront brand to reflect these recent changes and Bedfont’s future.

Smith explicates, “As we focus more on breath analysis, having sold the intensive care range, we have changed a bubble from green to purple to represent our NObreath® FeNO monitor which is helping to improve asthma management. We have also included our establishment date because even though we want the world to see how new and innovative our ideas are, we still want them to know that we’ve been a long-standing established company, since 1976.”

Bedfont has also updated its slogan, “Our family, innovating health, for yours.” The company believes that this represents its core values and purpose.


New slogan

The new slogan