Bronkhorst High-Tech’s IN-FLOW Mass Flow Meters and Controllers are now available for flow ranges from 0.05-1mln/min up to 200-10000m3n/h Air-equivalent.

The IN-FLOW series can now be offered with FM approval for class 1, division 2, as well as for use in category 3, zone 2 hazardous areas.

The mass flow meter manufacturer has also announced the availability of a PROFINET fieldbus interface on its industrial mass flow meters and controllers for gases (for this new fieldbus the FM and ATEX approvals are pending). 

PROFINET is said to be the “new standard for industrial automation,” offering major savings in configuration and commissioning.

The flexible architecture of PROFINET with its scope of functions enables innovative, flexible, and cost-saving machine automation.

Bronkhorst has many years of experience with fieldbus communication. Depending on customer requirements, the company’s digital flow meters and controllers can be equipped with one of the six available fieldbus interface options.

mass flow controller for gases with PROFINET interface

mass flow controller for gases with PROFINET interface

Source: Bronkhorst