In an announcement made on 25th May, President Biden and the European Commission detailed plans to reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian fossil fuels through the construction of new and expanded gas import facilities and the scaling up of ‘hydrogen-ready’ infrastructure.

Responding to the plans, President of non-profit environmental law organisation, Earthjustice, Abigail Dillen stated that there is ‘no way’ to ramp up US liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports while simultaneously delivering on pledged climate commitments. 

“It will take years and cost billions to build out new LNG infrastructure that will lock in expensive fossil dependence and dangerous pollution for decades to come,” she said. 

According to Earthjustice, ‘immediate and unprecedented’ steps must be taken to transition to 100% clean energy. 

Commenting on the European Russian gas crisis, she added, “Investing in new LNG is not a near-term fix for getting off Russian gas in Europe. It is a diversion of time and resources away from the urgent project of scaling clean energy in the last years we have left to triage in a climate emergency.” 

Despite the focus on expanded gas facilities, the agreement also promotes the acceleration of clean energy commercialisation and immediate deployment of energy efficient technology such as heat pumps.