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  • leak master witt

    Quality control assurance enhanced by Witt


    Witt-Gasetechnik is extending its successful range of leak test devices. The Leak-Master entry-level model now also benefits from electronic control, and is called the new ‘Leak-Master Easy Plus’.

  • Food, cheese, factory,

    New superwetters and defoamers launched by Air Products


    Air Products’ Additives team will introduce its new developments at the European Coatings Show (ECS) 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany, from today to Thursday (21-23 April).

  • boc lng

    BOC launches new mobile LNG refueller


    The innovative new mobile LNG refuelling unit at the Commercial Vehicle (CV) Show 2015 - held in Birmingham, UK, from the 14 to 16 of April.

  • parker p1 d h

    Parker’s P1D-H rod lock offers fail-safe functionality


    The P1D-H rod lock pneumatic cylinders, for use in applications where safety is critical, has been launched by Parker. P1D-H cylinders have been purposely designed to hold loads safely in position even when there is an unexpected failure in the compressed air supply.

  • Atlas Copco logo

    Nitrogen generation improvements coming soon


    Belgium-based Atlas Copco has stated it will soon release the NGP+, which is the improved on-site nitrogen generator with PSA technology. The generator can be simply plugged in to an existing compressed air network and produce purified N2 – up to 99.999%.

  • dansensor-logo-gas_world

    Dansensor launches news MAP system


    The new ‘vision-based’ MAP inspection system called the VisioPointer will be on display at the Anuga FoodTec event - which is held in Cologne, Germany, between 24-27 March.

  • Witt-Leak-MAP

    New version of Leak-Master Mapmax released


    Witt’s device has proven itself over the years as the tried and tested way to automatically check the integrity of the entire throughput of a packaging line. It can reach industry best 15 cycles per minute. The MAP specialist Witt-Gasetechnik now presents the next generation of in-line leak detection.

  • Turbines Incorporated’s Integrated System for Cryogenic Delivery

    Cryogenic turbine flow meter advancements


    Turbines Inc. has delivered a cryogenic turbine flow meter which provides highly accurate and reliable cryogenic flow measurement data for the user.

  • Oerlikon-Leybold-Vacuum

    Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum offers food options


    Energy savings are achieved with the company’s optimised vacuum solutions for vacuum baking and freeze drying. Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum exhibits food processing vacuum solutions at the CFIA Rennes, France and the ANUGA Foodtec, Germany.

  • Centurion-Semigas

    SEMI-GAS launches new Centurion cabinet


    Latest specially designed Centurion™ gas cabinet includes custom structural enhancements to protect against harsh weather conditions and conform to electrical enclosure codes.

  • Car manufacturing

    Helium leak-detection improving car economy?


    Helium leak-detection systems are helping transmission suppliers improve quality and reduce the cost of producing new automatic transmissions developed to improve fuel economy.

  • Generic Dry ice carbon dioxide

    Evolution Line launched by IceTech


    IceTech, the worldwide leading manufacturer of dry ice blasting and dry ice production equipment announces the official launch of the new Evolution Line. The new product line combines versatility and solidity with a new design.

  • ColdJet-Dry-Ice

    Cold Jet launches E160 pelletizer


    The company has said its new product provides the best output to smallest footprint ratio in dry ice production. The E160 Pelletizer, a highly efficient dry ice extruder that has minimal space requirements and is designed to manufacture 3mm-16mm dry ice pellets and nuggets on demand.

  • AMETEK-Calibrator

    New HPC40 series “first mA loop calibrator”


    A new handheld pressure calibrator for process control delivers lab accuracy in field use and is the first mA loop calibrator fully compensated from -20 ° to 50 C.

  • Welding job rod

    Lincoln Electric adds to welding technologies


    Cleveland, Ohio-based Lincoln Electric has introduced the Vantage 520 SD engine-driven welder/generator to its comprehensive line of welding technology and hardgoods.

  • MiniLaser TDL analyser

    Groundbreaking TDL analyser launched by Servomex


    Servomex has launched the SERVOTOUGH MiniLaser Oxy, the world’s smallest cross-stack Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) gas analyser and the only TDL analyser specifically optimised for oxygen measurement.

  • Proton-OnSite

    World’s first delivered by Proton OnSite


    Proton OnSite , the world leader in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) water electrolyser technology, announced today the commercial launch of the one and two Megawatt (MW) M Series PEM Hydrogen Generation systems.

  • Pfeiffer-Vacuum-Website

    Online option launched by Pfeiffer Vacuum


    The range of vacuum product options from the company is available for customers to experience – with films and 3D animations on offer, aimed to enhance the web experience.

  • Praxair

    Chrome-free coatings introduced by Praxair


    The company has a new line of chromium (VI)-free ceramic aluminium coatings for the aerospace and power generation industries. Praxair Surface Technologies’ new line of slurries sustainably produces coatings with the same high performance of legacy chrome-containing coatings.

  • Rapidox 7100 analyser

    Rapidox 7100 analyser released


    Cambridge Sensotec has launched its new generation of Rapidox Multigas analysers, designed and manufactured for the analysis, control and monitoring of emission or process gas.