Following complaints of nuisance odours, a major UK water company sought a cost-effective method of monitoring and logging ppb levels of hydrogen sulphide (H2S).

The new Alphasense Electronic Diffusion Tube (EDT) was designed for use by local authorities to monitor both roadside Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and H2S odour in the wastewater treatment industry. The battery-powered EDT was supplied pre-calibrated with a measurement range of 0 to 500 ppb, recording concentrations every two minutes.

The device connects with a tablet or smartphone over Bluetooth and recorded data is logged on the in-built SD-card. Using its internal battery, the IP67 housing allowed the water company to locate the EDT outdoors for three months. The collected data pointed to specific events that prompted further investigation and ensured residents were no longer affected by emissions from the pumping station.

David Johnson, European Sales Manager at Alphasense Ltd commented, “The EDT was highly appreciated by our customer and the neighbouring residents. Following on from that success, we plan to launch additional EDT products, such as CO2 and VOCs for indoor air quality monitoring.”

“Alphasense has been developing and manufacturing gas sensors for more than two decades, but this new product has really been an adventure for us into the Digital World.”