Germany-based WEH GmbH has introduced the new WEH® TW52 Quick Connector to the cylinder filling market, developed especially for filling gaseous and liquid carbon dioxide (CO2), as well as for refrigerants filling.

The TW52 enables connection to gas cylinders with external threads within seconds – without hand tightening.

According to WEH, users can, ‘simply pull back the grip sleeve of theTW52 and place the connector onto the external thread of the cylinder valve’. The WEH® clamping jaws grip onto the cylinder valve thread and provide a pressure-tight connection. The filling process then starts once the cylinder valve is opened.

The TW52 connector is also suitable for filling one litre cylinders, for example for soda drinks.

Rated for a pressure range of 250 bar maximum, the connector is available for external thread connections in accordance with the corresponding national standards.

When combined with the WEH® TVCO2 linear valve, the TW52 connector is especially environmentally friendly, WEH adds. The TVCO2 linear valve enables the recirculation and controlled discharge of the residual gas and starts or stops the filling procedure.

When disconnecting after filling, the TW52 vents automatically, with the vented gas recirculated via a vent pipe and vented remotely – with minimum environmental impact.

When using the TW52 with linear valve, the connector can be used up to a maximum pressure of 150 bar.

In addition to its new connector, WEH offers a wide range of quick connectors for the gases industry.

TW52 Quick Connector

Source: WEh GmbH