From 1st January 2012, Analox Sensor Technology is re-launching its popular Analox 3000 range of industrial transmitters.

The range was withdrawn in April 2010 when parts became difficult to source, the company explaied.

However, Analox has continued to receive regular requests for the Analox 3000 range and the full range of replacement sensors, demonstrating the market demand for monitoring of toxic gases.

The firm has therefore re-evaluated the market and taken the decision to invest in order to reintroduce the range.

Mark Lewis, Managing Director of Analox Sensor Technology, said in a statement, “We withdrew the product line because some parts were no longer available, and we introduced a replacement product. However, it has become clear to us how popular the Analox 3000 range is with our clients.”

“We’ve therefore decided to reinvest in this area of our business. We are pleased to confirm we are now relaunching the Analox 3000 range and can supply the transmitters and all replacement sensors from January 1st 2012.”

The Analox 3000si is an ATEX approved transmitter that can be used in many industrial applications. It can be fitted with any sensor from the 3000si range to monitor a range of toxic gases.