Horiba Stec, a major producer of analyzing and measuring systems, is to expand its sales of the PG-300 Series of portable stack gas analysers in the European market.

The strategic decision came into effect as of 16th November (2011).

Horiba Stec positions the product as a strategic tool in its arsenal for use in expanding sales in China and India, as it strives to expand its market in Asia, in addition to Europe. The company is targeting sales of around 250 units for the first year, with 400 units for the following year and 500 units by 2015.

In 2001 Horiba Stec established a sales network in the European market for exhaust combustion gas analysers, securing European certification in conjunction with a third party, the testing and inspection organisation TUV Rheinland headquarted in Cologne, Germany.

The company anticipates that introducing the new product will be part of a replacement demand and by expanding its business in Europe, a strict market when it comes to environmental regulations, Horiba Stec is aiming at achieving a global standard for the portable type.

Also, as The Gas Review cites a company spokesman as putting it, The US market does not require a high level of measuring capacity as does the European market, with low priced products being the mainstream ones.”

As a single unit, the new product from Horiba Stec can simulataneously measure up to five elements in waste gas, including oxygen, carbon dioxide, and methane. It marks the first time in the industry for having an SD card installed as the recording unit, improving compatibility with various types of data recording and computers.