HyGear has reinforced its sustainability credentials with the news that it has become a member of the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC).

The consortium currently brings together more than 60 European large and small companies, clusters and organisations across the technology, industry, agriculture and forestry sectors.

All of which have committed to investing in collaborative research, development and the demonstration of bio-based technologies to drive forward a sustainable bioeconomy in Europe.

HyGear will contribute to the work programme of BIC by offering its expertise in on-site (V)PSA technology, as well as its expertise in gas cleaning, upgrading and conversion, and its knowledge in energy efficient processes.

The Bio-based Industries consortium is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the form of a Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) initiated by the European Commission to reach the Horizon 2020 goals. The PPP is an instrument to support industrial research and innovation, to overcome the innovation ‘valley of death’, the path from research to the marketplace. It encourages partnership with the private sector to fund and bring together the resources needed to address the challenges involved in commercialising major society-changing new technologies.

Also highlighting its ‘green’ credentials, from 3rd -7th February HyGear will participate in the energy and environmental related mission to Japan (Tokyo) organised by the EU-Gateway.