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Chart Industries to supply Corpus Christi LNG project

Chart Industries’ IPMSR® process and equipment will be used in Cheniere’s Corpus Christi Stage Three LNG export terminal project.

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Chevron, Venture Global ink 20-year LNG deal

Chevron USA is set to purchase two million tonnes per annum of LNG from Venture Global, under two sales and purchase agreements inked on Wednesday (22nd June).

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INEOS Energy inks US LNG deal with Sempra Infrastructure

INEOS Energy has entered the global LNG market, having today (22nd June) inked an agreement for the potential purchase of 1.4 million tonnes per annum from the US.

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Eni joins 'world’s largest' LNG project

Italian energy company Eni has become the newest partner in the North Field East (NFE) expansion project after being selected by QatarEnergy for a 25% interest in the joint venture (JV).

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Russian export ban advancing LNG, energy transition

The widespread effect of sanctions on Russian commodity exports could help accelerate growth in sectors such as liquefied natural gas (LNG), causing an acceleration in the ongoing energy transition, according to a new analysis by Wood Mackenzie.

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CVD Equipment reports Q1 2022 results

Chemical vapor deposition and materials provider CVD Equipment Corporation has reported its first quarter (Q1) 2022 results, with revenue of $4.7m.

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Air Products reports fiscal 2022 Q2 results

“Despite the global economic environment and significant energy, environmental and geopolitical challenges facing our world, the Air Products team continues to deliver on our commitments and our higher purpose as a company.”


Linde reports ‘strong’ Q1 2022 results

Linde today (28th April) reported its first quarter (Q1) 2022 financial results, highlighting sales of $8.2bn and operating profit of $1.5bn, both representing a 13% growth versus the prior year quarter.

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Air Liquide reports ‘strong growth’ in Q1 2022 results

“There was strong growth in this first quarter, which reflects a good level of activity and demonstrates the group’s resilience in a context marked, notably, by inflation and the war in Ukraine.”



Over a century of refrigeration and liquefaction


Cryogenic air separation forms the basis for the generation of large-scale industrial gases. Linde, one of the most prominent names in the industry, was formed in 1879 by German scientist and engineer Carl von Linde.

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Semiconductor design centre plans unveiled for the Midwest amidst rising market pressures


Amidst rising demands in the US semiconductor market and pressures building on Congress to fund the $52bn CHIPS Act, plans have been announced for the Midwest’s first chip design centre.

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Climeworks embarks on 'Mammoth' direct air capture project


Direct air capture (DAC) specialist Climeworks has taken the latest step on its journey to reach gigatonne carbon capture capacity by starting work on its new DAC and storage facility, Mammoth.

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Commerce, content, connectivity and communication: The four C’s of B2B e-commerce explored on gasworld TV


The world we live in today is arguably more connected than ever. It goes without saying that the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) really changed how businesses and consumers operate, as the shift to the digital world became very apparent. This desire for digital, however, still remains very strong, despite the re-opening ...

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Rare gas shortages, recovery, and emerging markets


The global specialty gas industry has been through its fair share of trials and tribulations over recent months. From ongoing concerns over helium production to a potential electronic chip crisis due to a rare gas shortage following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the industry is continuing to face increased pressure.

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WIKA Group releases new high-speed industrial pressure controller


Technology manufacturer Mensor – member of the WIKA Group - has launched the newest device in its lineup of precision pressure controllers, the model CPC3050.


TotalEnergies chosen for Qatar LNG project

French multi-energy company TotalEnergies has signed a deal with QatarEnergy to undertake a joint venture as part of the ‘world’s largest’ liquefied natural gas (LNG) project, North Field East (NFE).

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Equinor inks 15-year LNG purchase agreement with Cheniere

Equinor will purchase 1.75 million tonnes of LNG annually from US-based Cheniere Energy under a new 15-year agreement inked on Thursday (9th June).


POSCO advances ‘world’s first’ mass-produced cryogenic high manganese steel

Having become the first company to mass-produce high-manganese steel for cryogenic use, South Korean steel manufacturer POSCO has received approval from energy giant ExxonMobil to use the material to store and transport liquefied natural gas (LNG).


Italian energy firms ink biogas deal

Engineering company HYSYTECH will supply European electric utility firm Edison Spa with two integrated biogas upgrading and biomethane liquefaction plants following an agreement signed between the companies.


Shell advances decarbonisation with Japan LNG buyers

Energy giant Shell will work with two of Japan’s biggest gas companies Tokyo Gas and Osaka Gas to explore solutions that will help reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions across the company’s production value chains.