Nikkiso Clean Energy and Industrial Gases Group has expanded its Busan Korea facility to accommodate a new marine centre, featuring complete cryogenic testing capabilities, to support the growth of the Korean shipbuilding industry.

The Nikkiso subsidiary on Tuesday (24th Nov) unveiled the news, stating that the new facility will serve as its new home base for all marine activities in Korea. Here, a variety of solutions including pump skids, vaporisers, controls, high-pressure fuel gas skids and more will be offered.

Daryl Lamy, President of Nikkiso Cryogenic Pumps, said, “Nikkiso ACD has been the preferred supplied for fuel gas skids to the Koran shipbuilding industry for over 20 years.”

“With our new skid packaging and testing facility located near the shipyards in Korea, we now have even greater capacity and local support to meet the significant global increase and demand for new build LNG fuelled cargo and transport vessels.”

The facility spans approximately 4,000 square meters and includes a 342 square meter service centre.

Peter Wagner, CEO of Cryogenic Industries and President of Nikkiso Clean Energy and Industrial Gases, added, “This is an exciting net step and an important milestone for our group and the LNG-powered marine market and a significant benefit for our marine customers.”

“Nikkiso CE&IG will now be able to provide complete systems and support our customers with a complete factory supported solution.”