South African nitrogen generator manufacturer NitraLife has partnered with Swiss steel processing solutions manufacturer Bystronic to advance cutting-edge steel processing.

Through the partnership, Bystronic will market NitraLife’s NitraCut generators which supply gas to the fabricator’s fibre laser.

According to Tom Sowry, Managing Director of NitraLife, the advantage of having a laser steel processor linked to a NitraCut is that conventional gas is supplied in tanks or cylinder bundles.


Source: NitraLife

Occasionally – due to unavoidable circumstances – there is a risk of gas runouts. This, in turn, means expensive downtime for the fabricator or engineering business, until new supplies of gas can be delivered.

“What we have found, is that for a busy fabrication shop, generating their own nitrogen, the cost of a NitraCut generator can be amortised within the space of a year – or less in some cases,” said Sowry.

“After the NitraCut has paid for itself, the owner of the fabrication shop essentially continues to have a free supply of nitrogen.”

“We have found that supplying a fibre laser with a NitraCut generator allows a fabricator to continue operating successfully – in locations where conventional gas supplies are either erratic or unavailable.”

The uninterrupted flow from a NitraCut nitrogen generator supplying automated fibre lasers means that production can continue with a minimum amount of human intervention, or skilled supervision.

“As the generator has no moving parts, it is also absolutely reliable and requires minimal and infrequent maintenance,” Sowry continues.

“Our experience to date in partnering with Bystronic has been excellent, so much so, that we are now exporting our NitraCut units to Bystronic in Switzerland and Israel.”

“We are extremely gratified the Bystronic, as a leading global provider of holistic steel processing solutions, has chosen us to be part of the future development of their advanced steel processing worldwide.”