Nitrogen-filled tyres are used in rugged activities and are becoming more popular with ordinary cars because they remain inflated for longer and are tolerant of heat.

Tyre suppliers can avoid having to outsource their gas from conventional cylinders by switching to gas of tap through a nitrogen generator.

According to Oxair, an Australian specialist in the supply of gas generation equipment to international markets, it is imperative that tyres are inflated with nitrogen in many sectors to reduce the risk from critical air leaks when the vehicle’s tyres are under pressure.

Nitrogen-filled tyres are more resistant to hot climates and from freezing at high altitudes. That makes tyres inflated with nitrogen a suitable choice for vehicles and heavy-duty equipment where precise or constate pressure is vital.

Unlike compressed air, nitrogen is an inert gas that does not react without materials, so is resistant to corrosion and therefore provides an extra tier of safety where critical applications are involved.

Oxair’s nitrogen generators are an ideal solution for tyre depots, motor racing establishments, airlines, garages, mining and construction sites. 

They offer a continuous flow of gas extracted from the atmosphere and are an environmentally friendlier way for delivery by reducing the carbon footprint associated with having cylinders transported from an off-site facility and then the return journey of where they are empty.

The Australian-based company also uses Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) or membrane technology, cost-effective filtration methods for onsite nitrogen production for a wide range of high purity and flow requirements, to be used directly by the end user on demand. 

“At Oxair we manufacture nitrogen plants for the tyre industry which are cheap to run and once installed require minimum maintenance,” said David Cheeseman, Chief Engineer at Oxair.

“They are built to last and operator friendly, making them crucial where tyres may be difficult to change or service due to the remoteness of the location or application.”

Companies will stock cylinders of nitrogen as emergency back-up vessels to meet specific needs, however, customers moving to onsite generation can trust the kit from Oxair, a leading supplier of equipment noted for being among the most reliable, safest and efficient source of gas delivery.

Oxair’s deigns are focused on meeting exacting customer requirements, reliability, ease of maintenance, safety, and plant self-protection. It is a world leading manufacturer of gas process systems, for shipboard and land-based use to suit any requirement.