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    On Site Gas celebrates 30 years in business


    On Site Gas Systems, Inc. began producing nitrogen (N 2 ) and oxygen (O 2 ) generators 30-years-ago in Newington, Connecticut, and today its products are used worldwide.

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    Air Products continues multi-phase expansion


    Air Products has revealed the next phases of expansion to build two more nitrogen (N 2 ) plants serving Samsung Electronics’ giga fab in South Korea.

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    James Webb telescope completes testing


    The vault-like, 40ft diameter, 40 tonne door of Chamber A at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston was unsealed on 18 th November, signaling the end of cryogenic testing for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

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    Air Products wins contract in China


    Air Products has signed a second long-term oxygen (O 2 ) and nitrogen (N 2 ) supply contract with a leading global materials supplier in Guangdong Province, China.

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    AirSep launches new technology


    AirSep Corporation, a Chart Industries Company, has released a new nitrogen (N 2 ) generator product line.

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    Gases for Life – in summer and in winter


    Without gases, the barbecue on a perfect summer day wouldn’t be half as nice: anything delicious, aesthetic or practical almost always owes some of its pleasant properties to one or several gases.

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    In focus...Safety in gas handling and distribution


    The gases industry is built upon a paradigm of safety, of the Zero Ambition, and layer upon layer of invaluable regulation. Safety in handling, using and distributing gas is paramount to the industry, its end-user industries, and all individuals involved.

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    A deep dive in leisure gases


    Diving to see the seabed’s deepest depths; taking the plunge to get up close and personal with seldom seen marine life; taking a deep dive underwater to check out the integrity of an offshore rig; or a specialist military training exercise.

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    Air Water to construct new VSU in Iwate Prefecture


    Air Water Inc., an industrial gas company based in Japan, has revealed plans to construct it’s 16 th VSU, a high efficiency small liquid gas generator, in Iwate Prefecture.

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    Praxair signs agreement to supply Samsung complex


    Praxair has signed a long-term agreement to build, own and operate an air separation plant that will supply 700 tonnes per day of nitrogen (N 2 ) to Samsung’s display manufacturing complex in Tangjeong, South Korea.

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    Air Liquide strengthens relationship with Sinopec


    Air Liquide has entered into a €40m ($47.4m) joint venture (JV) with energy and chemical company China Petroleum Chemical Corp (Sinopec), for the take-over and optimisation of three existing Air Separation Units (ASUs) and the building of a new nitrogen (N 2 ) production unit.

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    Praxair and GLOBALFOUNDRIES sign agreement


    Praxair has signed a long-term agreement to supply gaseous nitrogen (N 2 ) to GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

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    AES throws spotlight on SEMI-GAS® Xturion™ Blixer™


    Applied Energy Systems (AES), provider of high and ultra high purity (UHP) gas systems, services, and solutions, is showcasing the capabilities of its SEMI-GAS® Xturion™ Blixer™ to support various processes that require forming gas mixtures.

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    NitraLife’s nitrogen tyre inflation


    Nitrogen (N 2 ) tyre inflation has over the years become well-known, and is no longer the sole preserve of specialist tyre users such as the international motorsport or commercial aviation sectors. In fact, it is even conveniently available today on the forecourts of many petrol stations in South Africa. ...

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    Linde joins forces with NCA


    Linde North America has joined forces with Nissan Chemical America Corporation (NCA) to explore synergistic combinations to enhance downhole performance with nanoActiv ® HRT (Hydrocarbon Recovery Technology) combined with carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) or nitrogen (N 2 ).

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    Global recognition for energy saving project


    Heriot-Watt University, Universiti Teknologi in Malaysia, the Dearman Engine Company and Green Data Centre LLP have been shortlisted as a finalist in the Institution of Chemical Engineers (ICemE) awards.

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    MMI Engineering delivers contract for BOC


    MMI Engineering, UK-based provider of technical consulting and engineering services has been awarded – and has already successfully delivered ­– a contract to undertake pipework integrity checks at the Port of Tyne Lynemouth Power Station working for the UK and Ireland’s largest supplier of industrial gases and related ...

  • Green gas technologies, 2017

    Green gas technologies


    A perspective from the Messer Group on the growing trend for liquid nitrogen-based cooling systems in refrigerated road transportation.

  • gas standards for nitrogen dioxide

    Gas standards for nitrogen dioxide


    The ‘Air Quality in Europe – 2016’ report of the European Environment Agency states that around 70,000 premature deaths were attributable to nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in Europe in 2013[1]. This makes NO2 next only to particulate matter as the most deadly air pollutant in Europe. The continuous monitoring of NO2 ...

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    In focus...Life sciences and cryobiology


    It’s a budding industry that has opened up a wide range of applications for companies within the industrial gas industry, so what exactly is cryobiology?