European industry consortium Norsk e-Fuel is working to accelerate the green energy transition by converting carbon dioxide (CO2) and water into e-fuels (synthetic fuels) at its first renewable fuel plant in Mosjøen, Norway.

The plant is to be built on a 24,000m2 plot in Mosjøen’s industrial area, following the signing of an agreement yesterday (28th February) between Vefsn municipality, Mosjøen og Omegn Næringsselskap KF (MON), and Norsk e-Fuel. 

In addition to powering its operations with 100% renewable electricity, the facility aims to include CO2 captured from the atmosphere using carbon capture specialist Climework’s DAC (direct air capture) technology. 

Following its capture, the gas is combined with water before being converted to e-fuels using electrolysers provided by Dresden, Germany-based Sunfire. 

Commenting on the company’s use choice of location for the project, Karl Hauptmeier, Managing Director, Norsk e-Fuel, said, “The region has a substantial surplus of renewable power at competitive and stable prices.” 

“Here we can demonstrate cutting-edge technological solutions to the global green shift with great value-added potential for Norway and the region.” 

With its strong industrial history, Vefsn aims to take advantage of decarbonisation initiatives to position itself as Norway’s leading location for carbon capture and utilisation (CCU). 

“The establishment of Norsk e-Fuel is very much in line with the ambitions we have for Vefsn, becoming a leading hub for CCU initiatives in Norway,” said Berit Hundåla, Mayor, Vefsn. 

The consortium will begin construction of its first plant in 2023, with the start of production slated for 2024. 

Initially set to produce 12.5m litres of e-fuel, the output will be scaled up to 25m litres by 2026.