Linde Canada Limited is moving its London, Ontario, retail branch to a new location at A-234 Exeter Road, London, Ontario, N6L 1A3. The move will accommodate the merger of the Linde store with Contact Welding Supplies which Linde acquired in 2012.  

Chris Ebeling, vice president and general manager for Linde Canada, said, “Merging Contact Welding with our existing store has significantly strengthened Linde Canada’s market position in the southwestern Ontario corridor, which is a key part of our overall Canadian growth strategy. However, it also physically stretched the boundaries of the existing location. We needed a larger location.”  

Linde Canada specialises in industrial, medical and specialty gases, as well as welding equipment and safety supplies. The company markets these products through 73 retail stores located throughout Canada or online via our e-commerce site at

In 2013, Linde Canada introduced its Individual Cylinder Control (ICC) system, for its cylinder gases customers. The new system offers a professional approach to cylinder tracking and management that saves customers both time and money. ICC is able to track back cylinders to their original account holder even if returned via another company. This service could potentially save customers thousands of dollars in lost cylinder charges.