With the offer of a secure and long-term supply of industrial gases, Linde LLC signed a contract to supply liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon to a Houston, Texas, independent distributor.

Technical Alloy and Industrial Gas, a mainstay in the Houston market for the past 12 years, has developed a cross-section of customers – from independently owned welding fabricators to larger national welding and engineering firms in the Houston area.

Last year, Linde broke ground on a large, state-of-the-art Atmospheric Gases Unit (ASU) plant in La Porte, part of an investment that will significantly exceed $200m and include a gasification train and supporting equipment and facilities. The ASU, the largest such Linde plant in the US, will supply liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon to the rapidly growing market for industrial gases in the Houston Channel area.

Scott Latta, vice president of the South and West Regions for Linde, said, “With this new industrial gas capacity, Linde brings a much-needed security of supply to this market, as well as access to Linde’s world-class technology. Technical Alloy and Industrial Gas is a perfect fit because it is a well established and respected distributor with a great history of providing high-quality products and services to industrial gas users in the area.”

“We are excited to have Linde in this market and are equally excited to join their team of experts,” said Greg Sanford, president of Technical Alloy & Industrial Gas. “We look forward to the opportunities this partnership will create. From micro-bulk opportunities and third-party liquid supply to global manufacturers to the vast array of specialty gases and mixtures, we believe working together with Linde takes our company to the next level.”