Linde North America has completed construction of a nitrogen liquefier at its Delta, Ohio, air separation plant that significantly increases its ability to support the growing demand for the product in the Ohio and Midwest markets.

The new facility produces 575 tonnes per day liquid nitrogen by capturing molecules the plant is already producing. The Delta plant has been operating since 1997, supplying oxygen and argon by pipeline to two adjacent steel producers, and by truck to hospitals and to industrial customers such as welding shops and foundries throughout Ohio. The liquid nitrogen will be delivered by tanker truck to customers in the food processing, metals, chemicals and automobile industries. With this expansion, the plant now employs 30 people.

Linde North America, a member of The Linde Group, is a world-leading gases and engineering company. By using the latest design technology from Linde Engineering, the plant will use the least amount of electricity possible in order to produce the gases.

“Bringing this liquefier on-stream is a major step in Linde’s goal of making our national network of plants the most reliable, sustainable and energy efficient in the industry,” said Pat Murphy, president of Linde North America.

“Linde also will require less fuel for its delivery trucks, since the plant will be located closer to customers, which will improve their supply security and reduce Linde’s carbon footprint,” Murphy said.