Air Products has been awarded another major contract by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. to supply complete bulk specialty gas and chemical delivery systems in support of its fab in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, western China.

The contract called for the design and construction of a bulk specialty gas supply (BSGS) yard by Air Products equipped with the company’s turnkey piping connecting the yard with the fab for distributing bulk specialty gases for the manufacturing process; and the supply of its state-of-the-art specialty gas delivery equipment and specialty liquid chemical delivery equipment in the fab.

The fab in the Xi’an High Tech Zone represents one of Samsung Electronics’ largest overseas investments and one of the most advanced fabs in China. The memory products produced by the fab will be widely used in portable devices such as smart phones, tablet computers, digital cameras, USB drive, and other consumer electronics products for which China is a major market.

Awarded a major contract in 2012 to supply bulk gases to this fab, Air Products has built several large air separation plants to support the needs of Samsung Electronics and also the merchant market in the region.

“Samsung is a long-standing and strategic customer for Air Products worldwide. We are honored to have been awarded another major contract on this project and to support its business growth and the most advanced fab in China,” said Wayne Mitchell, VP and GM of the Electronics Division at Air Products. “The contracts reinforce Air Products’ leading position both in the global electronics industry and in China by further expanding into the country’s emerging western region.”

Air Products has been accelerating its growth in western China. The company first entered Shaanxi Province in 2006 to serve the electronics industry and has won several major contracts for its Tonnage business. The company has established its new office in Xi’an High Tech Zone, which includes engineering and operational capabilities to support its fast business growth in China.