Linde Korea, a member of The Linde Group, has affirmed plans for growth in Asia by announcing construction of a new nitrous oxide facility in South Korea. The facility will constitute the largest of its kind in South Korea.

Brett Kimber, President of Linde Korea described Linde Korea as, “Committed to standing firm as a leader in the gases and engineering sector through continuous investment and innovation.”

He added, “The construction of our new nitrous oxide gas production plant opens another chapter of growth for Linde in Korea as it enables us to extend stable supplies of ultra high purity nitrous oxide gas to our customers, supporting their growth and bolstering their export competitiveness.”

“Our latest plant will also add to The Linde Group's contributions to South Korea as it will make the country self-sufficient in nitrous oxide production and is expected to enable South Korea to capture over $150m of import substitution value over the next ten years.$quot;

Construction is scheduled to commence next year and the plant is targeted to come on-stream by December 2012. According to Linde Korea, the new facility will supply electronics manufacturing and healthcare industries with ultra high purity nitrous oxide gas.

In addition to meeting growing domestic demand from customers, the plant will also produce gas product for export to nearby countries including China and Taiwan. Yun Chan Soo, a Chungcheongnam-do Foreign Investment Promotions team official decribed Linde’s investment as, “massively important for the Chungnam Asan area”.

The official added, “It will help to ensure a local and stable source of N2O which is a critical input for the production of semiconductors and related products. Linde will receive full support from Chungcheongnam-do for the successful construction of its production plant, and Chungnam Asan will continue to develop and become a major centre for the global semiconductor and display technology industry.”