Following the successful commissioning of the second phase of their ultra high purity ammonia production facility, Jinhong Gas can now produce 3,000 tonnes of ultra high purity ammonia each year.

Phase two of the project of their ammonia production facility was developed by Jinhong themselves and took three months from August to November this year to complete. The project was led by the R&D department, and developed jointly with the operation, purchasing, and engineering departments.

The purity of the product achieves 7N, with moisture content less than 30 ppb (lowest 5.76 ppb), and oxygen and argon content less than 3 ppb (lowest 1.2 ppb).

In a press release from the company, they stated that ”With the second phase of our ultra high purity ammonia production facility put into operation, it gives further support to our sales of gas, and at the same time illustrates that the R&D capability of Jinhong Gas, the scale of production, and the quality of our ultra high purity ammonia product have all achieved a new standard.”

Jinhong Gas is based in Suzhou, a city in the Jiangsu province of eastern China and is one of the largest independent gas producers in the region.