On-site gas generation specialist Novair has expanded its US operations following the acquisition of compressor manufacturer America Energy on 20th May.

Announced yesterday, 24th May, the purchase comes just five months after Novair’s acquisition of US based oxygen generator manufacturer OGSI. 

By joining Novair, America Energy – a US-based manufacturer of air compressors and medical gas systems – gains access to a range of high-end solutions such as pressure-swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen and nitrogen generators, high pressure oxygen cylinder filling systems, and medical gas monitoring and distribution systems. 

With installations in over 150 countries Novair has aims for the new acquisition to help establish itself as a key player in the US on-site gas production system market. 

The international expansion of its on-site gas generation capabilities could help reduce the threat posed by future pandemics.

Speaking during gasworld’s Medical Gases Virtual Event 2022, CEO of Novair, Bernard Zenou, stated that oxygen therapy has been the only available therapy to help treat patients affected by Covid-19.

”Therefore, oxygen became crucial,” he added.

With the majority of healthcare facilities in the world having an oxygen supply dependent on gas distributors, on-site oxygen generation reduces the reliance on often complex logistics associated with the delivery of liquid oxygen.

“Over the past two years thousands of oxygen generators have been installed around the world, increasing the access to oxygen in many areas.” 

Novair has provided equipment and solutions to countries across the world hardest hit by oxygen shortages such as India and Tunisia.