Industrial gases company Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation (NSHD) has reported consolidated financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year ending 31st March, 2023.

The first quarter (1st Q) of FYE saw the company’s revenue stand at ¥276bn ($2bn), a 26.3% increase on a comparable basis to 1st Q FYE2022’s figure of ¥218.3bn ($1.6bn). 

Core operating income was reported at ¥30.2bn ($226.4m), a 23.2% increase on 1st Q FYE2022’s figure of ¥24.5bn ($183m), while operating income increased by 11.5%. 

Net income for 1st Q FYE2023 was reported as ¥17.9bn ($134m), a 7.6% increase on 1st Q FYE2022’s figure of ¥16.4bn ($123m). 

The total comprehensive income was given as ¥62.6bn ($469m), a sharp 207% increase on a comparable basis to 1stQ FYE2022’s figures of ¥20.4bn ($153m). 

Basic earnings per share were up slightly at ¥39.95 from ¥37.12. 

Financial position 

In terms of total assets, NSHD reported ¥2 trillion ($15bn), and a total equity of ¥715m ($5.3bn). 


Within the full-term forecasts for business operations for FYE2023 (1st April, 2022 – 31st March, 2023), revenue was reported at ¥950bn ($7.1bn). 

Core operating income is expected to increase by 4.2% to ¥107m ($800k), with operating income increasing by 3.8% to ¥105m ($787k). 

Net income is forecast to increase by 0.5% to ¥67m ($502k). 

Basic earnings per share for the full-term is forecast to reach ¥150.18.