Aerospace giant Airbus has pre-purchased the capture and permanent sequestration of 400,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) from 1PointFive’s direct air capture (DAC) facility, featuring Carbon Engineering’s proprietary technology.

1PointFive, a subsidiary of Occidental’s Oxy Low Carbon Ventures business, on Thursday (17th March) announced the purchase deal that will see 100,000 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere purchased each year for the next four years by Airbus.

Through the carbon removal credits programme, Airbus will be able to better support the decarbonisation of both the aviation industry and the wider world.

Michael Avery, CEO of 1PointFive, said, “We’re proud to partner with Airbus on an enormous opportunity to help the aviation industry and other hard-to-abate sectors decarbonise.”

“Direct air capture will be a scalable, practical solution that aerospace pioneers like Airbus can integrate into their decarbonisation roadmaps to contribute to climate action.”

Located in the US’ Permian Basin, the DAC facility will be the largest of its type and will act as a first step towards delivering DAC technology on an industrial scale. The use of DAC technology allows the option for atmospheric CO2 to be used as feedstock or to create low-carbon products like plastics and concrete.

CO2 captured at the site will be permanently, safely and securely stored deep underground in geological formations by Occidental. It will be then used in lower-carbon oil production, which permanently stores CO2 as part of the process, and for geological sequestration to deliver permanent carbon removal, a solution to counteract hard-to-eliminate emissions.

Daniel Friedmann, CEO of Carbon Engineering, added, “Demand for scalable and affordable climate solutions continues to grow rapidly. We congratulate 1PointFive and Airbus on their work together to provide feasible pathways for the decarbonisation of aviation.”