• emerson’s-new-wireless-gas-sensors-increase-toxic-gas-safety-for-plant-sites-en-us-5540372 copy

    Emerson releases new sensors


    Emerson has released two new Rosemount™ 628 Universal Gas Sensors to measure carbon monoxide and oxygen depletion in additon to hydrogen sulphide measuring capabilities.

  • NASA FLORIDA, USA - DEC 20, 2010 NASA sign on the John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA._editoral use 680393935

    NASA awards $77m worth of contracts


    NASA has awarded eight contracts worth a combined total of approximately $77m to supply nitrogen and oxygen to NASA centers for a variety of operational activities.

  • Messer 2

    Messer investing €32m in ASU


    Messer has today laid the foundations for its third air separation unit (ASU) in Germany.

  • Oxygen equipment for the world

    Meditech Technology


    Oxygen for the world’ is the mission of Meditech Technology Co. Ltd. The two major shareholders of Meditech Technology are both graduates of medical universities in China and deeply recognise the importance of the quality of medical oxygen for human beings, as well as for other lives.

  • Alternative medical storage systems

    An introduction to…Alternative medical gas storage systems


    The medical oxygen cylinder has been on a journey of progression through the decades, as the sector has required ever more portability and ever-lighter weight vessels.

  • as11-40-5874~orig

    Man on the Moon


    This July marks 50 years since man first stepped on the Moon. gas world pays homage to this truly incredible moment for mankind, as well as the amazing feats of science, engineering and industrial gas application, in a celebratory interview with NASA.

  • Caraccio with FTIR, Gasmet

    Getting man to Mars


    No other planet has captured our collective imagination quite like Mars. In the late 1800s when people first observed the canal-like features on Mars’ surface, many speculated that an intelligent alien species lived there. This led to numerous stories about Martians, some of whom invade Earth, like in the 1938 ...

  • On site PSA oxtgen generators

    On-site PSA oxygen generators


    On-site oxygen generators for medical use are increasingly considered the best alternative to traditional liquid supply or filled cylinders. With an oxygen generator, one will get a secure and constant source of pure oxygen, produced directly at the hospital or care site, and that oxygen is availabl

  • Medical gases 2

    Medical gases


    A range of topics are trending in the medical gases market of today, from homecare to portability of oxygen and the digitisation of medical gas delivery that increasingly underpins these growth areas. All of which present new considerations and challenges in safety, as EIGA members keenly explained at the association’s ...

  • Portable oxygen

    Portable oxygen: Rising demand, POC’s proliferating


    A portable oxygen concentrator (POC) can help patients with respiratory disorders remain active. But with different technologies now available, which POC is best suited to meet both clinical and lifestyle needs? A new independent report sheds light on the choices, GCE’s Donald Oleforo explains.