• Oxygen safety under pressure

    Oxygen safety under pressure


    GCE Group’s Gareth Pemberton says the global gas control industry must continue to pioneer enhanced adiabatic shock testing standards to improve the safety of oxygen systems.

  • Gas-cylinders

    Safe cylinder packages


    Both the words ‘standard’ and ‘safe’ have played an important part of my life working with gas cylinder packages over the past several decades. So you can imagine my joy when the Editor requested that I write an article as per the above title.

  • Coal mining industry

    Oxygen in China


    Since the China government started to tackle the problem of excess capacity in various industries seriously, and implemented supply side reform a few years ago, many production sites have been cracked down and closed.

  • medical-touch-screen-stats

    Oxygen – Applications and distribution


    So often described as the gas of life, oxygen is the most fundamental and recognisable of the air gases. As essential to industry as it is to life, oxygen is among the top five most widely used chemicals in the world. It is arguably the industrial gas which needs no ...

  • Water-works

    Improving the grade


    The rise and fall of economic indicators makes headline news daily, yet the health of the bones of that economy, our nation’s infrastructure, goes largely unreported until a bridge collapses or a dam lets go.

  • china and india break concept

    China’s Meditech Technology expands into India


    Meditech Technology Co. Ltd recently announced that it has expanded its business further beyond China and into the Indian market, with the establishment of Ausmedi Kavia and its first meeting to discuss business in the country.

  • Water Bubbles

    HyperSolar announces record 294 hours of H2 production


    HyperSolar has developed a fully integrated solar hydrogen (H 2 ) device which will serve as the company’s first generation commercial renewable H 2 generator.

  • Air Water plant

    Air Water to set up two new VSUs


    Industrial gas company Air Water has revealed plans to construct its 17 th and 18 th VSUs in Japan.

  • DeCbHNsWsAEZjXS.jpg large

    Messer opens first O2 plant in Slovenia


    The Messer Group is at the forefront of industrial development in Slovenia as the family-run business officially opened its first oxygen (O 2 ) plant in the country today.

  • Liquid-Oxygen-tank

    NASA’s LOX tank undergoes testing


    The liquid oxygen (LOX) tank at Launch Pad 39B at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida recently underwent a pressurisation test following an upgrade by the Exploration Ground Systems (EGS) team for the agency’s new Space Launch System (SLS) rocket.