Gas generation specialist Oxymat has expressed the importance of having onsite oxygen generators for hospitals during COVID-19.

The Danish company has said it is seeing an ever-increasing demand from customers from improved energy efficiency generators and increasing focus on turn-key on-site pressure swing adsorption (PSA) plants.

Oxymat develops on-site oxygen generators for medical use which are used as an an alternative to traditional liquid supply or filled cylinders.

The company’s oxygen generators provide patients with a secure and constant source of pure oxygen, produced directly at the hospital or care site, and that oxygen is available is available when needed.

At present the global demand for oxygen generators in the medical field is growing rapidly and with the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, demand is expected to grow.

Oxymat has been delivering oxygen systems to the medical applications for more than ten years with Oxymat’s other product series, the Twin-Tower Oxygen Generator.

The company’s Nordic Series has recently received the Medical Devices Directive certificate, meaning that the healthcare sector worldwide can now benefit with a more climate-friendly solution.

Oxymat has already delivered the new Nordic Series oxygen generator to a hospital in Paraguay, and more orders are in the pipeline.


Oxymap has donated its generators to many hospitals around the world, meaning hospitals in regions with limited resources have a steady flow of oxygen.

“If you know a hospital that needs an oxygen generator, please do not hesitate to contact us,” the company says in a recent statement.