German vacuum technology company Pfeiffer Vacuum (Pfeiffer) has released a new range of Roots pumps, expanding its HiLobe series.

Announced today (March 28th), the new pumps can be used across a range of applications, including electron beam welding, vacuum furnaces, freeze drying, rapid evacuations in lock chambers or for leak detection systems, and are also suitable for use in coating applications. 

An individual speed control can be used in conjunction with the pump to adapt to customer-specific requirements. 

Stating that the new range of pumps can handle a wide range of nominal pumping speeds up to 13,600 m3/h (cubic metres per hour), Andreas Wurz, Product Manager, Pfeiffer, added, “We are particularly proud of their very compact size and significantly lower power consumption compared to conventional Roots pumps.” 

With a focus on energy efficiency, Pfeiffer claim that the pump’s ‘powerful’ drive concept allows for a 20% reduction in pump-down times compared to conventional Roots pumps, in addition to a 50% energy cost saving when taking into account the devices’ optimised rotor geometries. 

The hermetically sealed pumps have a maximum integral leak rate of 1 – 106 Pa m3/s (cubic metres per second) and come with no dynamic seals, reducing the need for maintenance more than once every four years. 

Condition monitoring has also been optimised through HiLobe’s intelligent interface technology, allowing for vacuum system information to be always at hand and increasing system availability, reducing potential downtimes.