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    FGEN LNG to develop small-scale LNG solutions in the Philippines


    FGEN LNG Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Gen Corporation, is exploring the viability of developing small-scale LNG solutions at the First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP), located in the Calabarzon industrial region south of Manila.

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    Construction resumes at Pilipinas Shell’s hydrogen project in the Philippines


    Construction on the first integrated hydrogen manufacturing facility in the Philippines has resumed, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp said yesterday.

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    China sees Covid-19 cases fall further


    As the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to vary around the world, a decidedly mixed outlook exists within an Asia-Pacific region that was itself the original epicentre of the virus.

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    Regional markets: Focus on Pacific Rim


    When we profiled the North Pacific industrial gases business last year, we noted how in 2018 the region had for the first time in history eclipsed the size of the European market to become the second-largest industrial gas market in the world, at a value of almost $20bn.

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    Air Liquide signs contract


    Air Liquide Philippines has signed a long-term contract for a supply of hydrogen to Shell’s Tabango refinery in Batangas, Philippines.

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    Digitisation: the next level in customer collaboration


    gasworld talks exclusively to Air Liquide’s Bernard Dhainaut, Vice-President for Southeast Asia and Pacific region, about the growing digitisation of the gases industry and where Air Liquide sees the next stage of its SIO platform developing.

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    Regional markets – Focus on South Pacific Rim


    In 2017, the South Pacific gases market was valued at approximately $3.3bn. This total covers the South East Asian markets of the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

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    Toshiba and NEA partner to promote hydrogen energy supply in the Philippines


    Toshiba Energy Systems Solutions Corporation has concluded a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with National Electrification Administration (NEA), a government organisation of the Philippines, on the implementation of H2One™, hydrogen (H 2 ) based autonomous energy supply system with renewable energy and the use of H 2 as ...

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    AG&P’s scalable LNG supply chain model


    Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company (AG P), the Philippines-based company at the forefront of developing pragmatic, end-to-end LNG delivery solutions, says demand aggregation is the key to growing and unlocking the market for gas.

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    The industrial gas world in 2018


    Where’s hot and getting hotter in the year ahead? As 2017 draws to a close, gas world looks ahead at what projects, plants and developments we can expect to see in the industrial gas business in 2018. Here we focus on projects in the Asia-Pacific region.

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    Regional markets: Focus on South East Asia


    Last month, our regional focus highlighted the industrial gas markets of the more developed nations in the South Pacific, analysing how future growth may be sought from the developed markets of Singapore and Australia. This month, we focus on some of the smaller, yet fastest-growing markets in the region.

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    AG&P Engineering launches in Houston


    AG P Engineering Inc. (AG P), the global pioneer of high-value modular infrastructure, has launched a subsidiary in Houston, US.

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    Kobe Steel steps into Philippines


    Japanese-based Kobe Steel, Ltd. has stepped into the Philippines by opening a new compressor service company in the South East Asian country.

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    AG&P announces two standardised products for LNG supply


    AG P (Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company), provider of infrastructure solutions, has announced two standardised modular products for the LNG supply network that will drive down costs, accelerate schedule and enable last-mile delivery to LNG demand centres scattered across Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Caribbean.

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    Regional markets – Focus on South East Asia


    A mixed outlook has prevailed in South East Asia in recent years, as undoubted growth prospects have been visibly tempered by an uncharacteristically volatile economic landscape in China and the many splintered effects of this on global markets such as commodities.

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    Linde invests in ASU upgrade and new NLU plant


    Linde Philippines, Inc., a member of Tier One corporation The Linde Group, has announced plans to invest 1.3bn PHP ($27.7m) in the instating and upgrading of two separate facilities in the Philippines.

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    Technifab opens Philippines office


    Oscar Abesamis has been appointed to head Technifab Products’ new office in the Philippines.

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    Regional markets: Focus on Southeast Asia


    As explained in the analysis of the South Pacific Rim market in gasworld’s August issue, a mixed outlook currently exists in the Asia-Pacific regions as it picks up the tailwind of China’s much-publicised economic slowdown. This month gasworld explores how the emerging markets of the Southeast Asia are faring in ...

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    Regional markets: Focus on South Pacific


    A decidedly mixed market is in progress in the Asia-Pacific region, both economically and in terms of industrial gas drivers/applications. The double-digit growth in China has slowed and the outlook in Japan has been varied for some time; yet many emerging economies in the region still enjoy healthy growth.

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    Search for $1bn LNG import terminal partner


    First Gen, one of the Southeast Asian nations biggest power producers, has been under pressure to make a quick decision on whether to build the import facility as it looks to secure long-term supplies of liquefied natural gas for its growing portfolio of gas-fired power plants.