One of the world’s largest carbon capture and storage projects is set to be operational in the Midwestern US in 2024.

The project, dubbed Summit Carbon Solutions, on Friday (13th August) reported significant progress through the engagement and deployment of environmental and right-of-way consultants and contractors across the project’s footprint.

Spanning Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota, each of the involved parties will play and critical role in bringing the development to fruition.

Summit Carbon Solutions has already awarded contracts and deployed Contract Land Staff (CLS) and TRC Companies (TRC) to provide field services and lead right-of-way acquisition efforts across the five-state footprint.

Further to that, it has also awarded contracts to EXP, Merjent, and Perennial Environmental Services (Perennial) to lead the environmental survey and permitting efforts throughout project development.

On the latest developments, Jimmy Powell, Chief Operating Officer of Summit Carbon Solutions, said, “As a leader in decarbonising more than 30 biofuel producers and increasing the sustainability of the agriculture industry, Summit Carbon Solutions will drive economic growth in communities across the Midwest and help create long-term value for all Midwestern farmers.

“During the selection process, we prioritised firms that best fit our culture and those aligned with our vision to ensure all stakeholders are treated fairly and the land and environment will be as good or better after our project is operating.”