Energy engineering experts have announced plans to install the UK’s largest fuel cell development in Scotland which will be “on a par” with the largest in Europe.

The ground-breaking deal will see the creation of a dedicated, onsite energy centre to provide power, heat and cooling to the new £333m ($406m) Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre (AECC).

Working with development partner Henry Boot Developments, M&E project contractor FES and principal contractor Robertson Group, engineering specialist Doosan Babcock has been awarded the fuel cell installation contract. 

The power industry service provider will supply three of its 460kW Doosan Purecell® units to provide an independent source of low-emission heat and power for the 150-acre site. 

Andrew Hunt, CEO of Doosan Babcock, “The AECC and Energy Centre will contribute in multiple ways to Scotland’s economy and environment, as well as providing a pioneering example of how cities and businesses can effectively meet environmental targets.”

There are currently more than 140 Doosan Purecell systems providing decentralised heat and power to industrial, commercial and municipal facilities worldwide.

Fuel cells transform chemical energy from fuel into final electrical and thermal energy through cogeneration, which delivers heat and electricity output more efficiently than separate production. This landmark AECC contract highlights the potential of fuel cells as a principal technology in the low-emission, high-efficiency combined heat and power market.