“We have seen the demand increase significantly recently and have been providing larger sized medical manifolds, bulk tanks and ambient vaporisation to accommodate the higher flow demands as systems are upgrading to accommodate the Covid-19 requirement.”

Those were the words of Doug Morton, Vice-President of Sales at Eleet Cryogenics, when he recently sat down with gasworld to discuss exactly how the company is helping the fight against Covid-19 and how business has adapted.

Based in Ohio, Eleet Cryogenics is just one of these companies playing a pivotal role in the medical equipment supply chain, and operates on a very special philosophy: ‘Give customers quality service and products at a fair price, and treat each customer with the same importance’.

Providing a full end-to-end solution throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and in a pre-Covid world, Eleet manufactures and supplies vaporizer switching manifolds, the liquid main with high pressure reserve manifolds and cylinder manifolds, the liquid main with liquid reserve manifolds, hyperbaric systems, and more.

It’s Eleet’s dedicated team of fabricators and technicians that have allowed the company to meet such increased demand and deliver an impeccable service since the virus hit, with Morton telling gasworld that many members of the Eleet team were willing to work extra hours to contribute in a time of need. In addition to extra working hours, Eleet also increased inventory and focused on life critical applications as a high priority.

As well as medical manifolds, Eleet’s cryogenic tanks, both pre-owned and new, remain core to the business. The company uses only high-quality components with a proven history of reliability in its pre-owned bulk tanks, which are consistently rehabbed and feature redundant fill valves, isolation valves for telemetry, best in class vacuum integrity, high quality paint, and more. These tanks are piped with the technician in mind for easy maintenance down the road if needed.

Speaking about the company’s tank and trailer offering, and how it relates to the medical industry, Morton, said, “The new Taylor-Wharton or fully rehabbed bulk and micro-bulk tanks we provide can be set up for medical applications with appropriate liquid level switch gauges to send signals to the medical alarm panels that we design and build for hospital sites.”

“We have a large fleet of portable trailer mounted units that we lease. In addition, we have built many portable units for customers with their own assets or built and sold them for industrial and medical applications.”

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