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  • Honeywell liquefaction

    Honeywell UOP


    Hydrogen is essential to the operation of today’s refineries and petrochemical complexes, and the efficient use and availability of hydrogen within the plant has a direct impact on profitability.

  • WITT-Gasetechnik

    Seamless back-up supply


    The unique design and performance of WITT’S Dome-loaded Pressure Regulators enable seamless cut-in of back-up supplies, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of the previous solutions. Performance and reliability are also improved.

  • oxymat

    Low pressure PSA generators


    Oxymat A/S discusses the growing gas generation market and the ‘game-changing’ product that came out of its intensive research and development efforts recently.

  • Fracking

    PSA technology in refinery hydrogen


    Hydrogen plays a critical role in the oil and refining business, and is often described as the industry’s key enabler. It is fundamental to converting the crude oil of today into modern-day fuels and products, while also complying with ever-tightening environmental mandates.

  • Oxair

    Switching to gas on tap


    Oxair, an Australian specialist in the supply of gas generation equipment, explains the benefits of automatic on-site nitrogen generators.

  • mu_fc+spread

    Issue 165 February 2019 Supplement


    As a means of gas production, at gasworld we’ve certainly seen PSA technologies grow in their uptake and reach globally over the last decade. Recent years in particular have seen a proliferation in these plants for companies like Oxymat, Xebec Adsorption and many others in the field, for applications ranging ...