Versum Materials, Inc. recently introduced its new GASGUARD® eV Temperature Control System, which is designed to deliver reliable fabwide heat sourcing and control of electronic specialty gases that require heating to maintain or increase flow.

gasworld spoke to Versum’s Offering Manager, DS Marketing, Kerry Lanza, about the significance of the GASGUARD® eV and Versum’s experience becoming a stand-alone company following its spin-off from Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., back in October 2016.

What does this technology mean for the specialty gases market?

It assures reliability of low vapour-pressure gases, that is, keeps the gas warm throughout the entire system and in a gaseous form and does not allow it to recondense back to a liquid. By enabling constant flow from the source to the tool our customers can maintain the desired process conditions which are critical for wafer-to-wafer process reliability.

Why is this an area that Versum is focusing on now?

The GASGUARD eV system is used extensively in semiconductor manufacturing, where uptime and precision are essential to the manufacturing process. We are seeing a trend to the use of materials that are stored and shipped as liquids because of their molecular weights. These materials need to be converted to a gas for delivery to a process. The new product allows customers to upgrade their capabilities and focus on safety and reliability by using the most advanced systems possible.

How are you finding being a separate and independent company so far?

Being a separate company is allowing us to align and focus our resources with the rapidly evolving demands of the specific markets we serve, namely the semiconductor market. We are able to dedicate all of our energy, research and development resources, and customer service to serve the businesses that depend on our materials, equipment and innovation.

Have you leveraged any of the experience gained from working with Air Products?

Our foundation of ethical conduct, safety and innovation are built on the expertise that we gained while operating as a division of Air Products. We are able to apply this legacy in a very targeted way to meet the needs of the semiconductor industry. Specifically, with the GASGUARD eV system, we’re using these advances in any place temperature control is needed, both in gases and liquids and in small quantities and bulk systems. Our customers have long valued the expertise within Air Products for handling and delivering specialty gases used for semiconductor manufacturing. As Versum Materials we are leveraging more than 40 years of experience gained in supplying such materials to the semiconductor industry. Like our customers the experience and knowledge gained by focusing on the needs of the industry have enabled us to develop solutions as this new temperature control system.

How would you describe your relationship with Air Products?

Our relationship with Air Products is strong. As a separate company, we are leveraging our history with Air Products and focusing on manufacturing and developing high purity materials and delivery systems that help our customers advance their technologies in the semiconductor and electronics fabrication markets.

Is Versum working on anything else at the moment in the industrial gas sector?

We are continuing to aggressively pursue ways to advance safety and reliability in our gas and chemical delivery systems for the semiconductor industry including advanced control, communication, information management, and bulk system design.