Reed Boardall has installed a new bio-LNG station at its Boroughbridge, UK site.

Powering the temperature-controlled food distribution firm’s fleet of Volvo FH LNG trucks that deliver frozen food to supermarkets across the UK, the fully scalable, skid-mounted refuelling station, owned by Gasrec, has been installed by LIQAL.

This compact, prefabricated system requires limited construction time on site and supplies the same fuelling consistency and reliability as a fully-fledged LNG fuelling station.

LIQAL said its’ patented boil off gas re-liquefication technology ensures unlimited holding time of LNG inside the storage tank.

LIQAL’s Business Development Manager Joost Jansen says: “We’re very excited to be taking our first steps into the UK market and delighted that the UK market leader in LNG transport fuel acknowledges the benefits of our station design and integrated project approach.