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  • Gas-cylinders

    Cylinder technologies – A view to 2020


    Over the years like all commodities, gas cylinders have undergone several technological changes. Here, Dr. Roy S. Irani, Gas Package Solutions, gazes into his crystal ball and provides a view of cylinder technologies toward 2020 and beyond.

  • US argon market report

    US argon market report


    Argon demand strengthened as we came out of the recession, but the uncertainty of the new political environment has left producers questioning how to manage that growth, possibly adding more issues and questions than before.

  • Merger money ideas concept

    The industrial gas year: 2016


    Back in April 2015, gas world posed the question, could there be room for one more big deal within the global industrial gases industry?

  • arc3 splash screen

    Machine & Welding Supply/Arcet name change


    After merging in Fall 2013, Arcet and Machine Welding Supply Co. have announced they’ll rebrand as Arc3 Gases beginning June 15.

  • Finance stats money business

    Regional markets: Focus on Italy


    When gasworld last focused on the Italian industrial gases market, the emphasis was on recovery from the global economic recession. The region’s economy had stabilised – later than fellow many fellow European markets – and this was reflected in a marginal return to growth in its gases business in 2010. ...

  • China finance

    CIMC Enric maintains positivity


    CIMC Enric has revealed its first half 2014 interim results, and cites natural gas as driving a promising market outlook both for the company and the wider energy equipment segment despite declines during the year to date.

  • Hydrogen production – September 2014

    In focus...Hydrogen production


    The hydrogen produced by the industrial gases sector has long been used in various applications. Everything from industrial products to food packaging, with fertiliser and space travel in-between, benefits from the advantages of the energy carrier hydrogen (H2). But with the movement to establish a hydrogen economy in top gear, ...

  • Chinese currency

    Rise of Yingde Gases continues


    Yingde Gases Group has announced its interim results for the six months ended 30 th June 2014, with turnover rising 15% over the comparable period last year, to RMB 3.6bn ($584m).

  • Japan

    Change in leadership at JIMGA


    A new chairman and directors are in place at the Japan Industrial and Medical Gases Association (JIMGA), following the organisation’s general meeting earlier this summer.

  • August 2014 Hot Topic Green Stats

    Hot topic – Is ‘green’ still on the industrial gas agenda?


    How important is R D for today’s industrial gas company? And more importantly, can it coexist with the cost implications of going green? Stuart Radnedge investigates.

  • August 2014 CO2 Production Plant

    In focus...CO2 production technology


    From the lower graded use of CO2 for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) to the quality, food grade, gas that is consumed by an ever growing and hungry food and beverage sector – carbon dioxide is everywhere in our industry. Here, Stuart Radnedge explores the trends and technologies in CO2 production. ...

  • August 2014 OJSC Uralcryomash

    OJSC Uralcryomash – 60 years of cryogenic production


    This year sees OJSC Uralcryomash, part of Uralvagonzavod Research and Production Corporation, celebrates its 60th anniversary.

  • August 2014 Carbon Dioxide

    Developments in CO2 production technology


    Developments in CO2 production technology are under close scrutinty, in an interview with Union Engineering’s Michael Mortensen and Jan Poulsen.

  • Rio de Janeiro Brazil

    Regional markets extra: Brazil taking a lead in CO2 from fermentation


    Brazil has experienced changes with respect to its sugarcane-based sources for carbon dioxide (CO2), and current and future plans for some project changes to cellulosic sources as well. Here, Sam A. Rushing explains why Brazil is taking a lead with CO2 from fermentation.

  • August 2014 SF3 Bubbles Water

    Solutions to cutting CO emissions in water treatment


    In regions where water is scarce, particularly in the Middle East, carbon emissions associated with the use of water in all types of industries, particularly the electricity and gas industries are of increasing concern. Water treatment specialist Veolia explores developments in desalination.

  • August 2014 Beautiful Earth North America

    Consolidation in carbon dioxide


    If mergers and acquisitions (M A) activity over the last 12 months is anything to go by, then the merchant carbon dioxide CO2 business has come through the economic slowdown with renewed interest. Here, gasworld looks at a significant shift in the US merchant CO2 business.

  • August 2014 Alex Gaggin

    10 minutes with...Alex Gaggin


    Take 10 minutes out with Alex Gaggin, Market Manager: Oil and Gas, Chemical and Mining at safety company Dräger, who tells us about the products and services that the company provides, where these might be used in the industrial gases industry, and what’s new with Dråger in 2014.

  • Pipes refinery

    Increasing pressure on refining margins, says report


    An additional 11.7 million barrels per day (mmbd) of Crude Distillation Capacity (CDU) will come online globally between 2014 and 2020, with an annual average of 1.6 mmbd, says a new report from GlobalData – a dynamic which it is claimed will impact negatively upon refining margins.

  • Compressor station.

    Linde opens Vienna hydrogen station


    The Linde Group continues to advance the introduction of hydrogen as a fuel, with today’s official opening of the world’s first small-series production facility for hydrogen fuelling stations in Vienna.

  • New acetylene plant.

    Worthington’s acetylene plant complete


    Worthington Industries, Inc. has announced that its acetylene massing plant rebuild is complete, with product now available for customers. The company’s acetylene massing plant in Kienberg, Austria was destroyed in a fire in November 2013.