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The industrial gas world in 2017 – Part 3

28 December 2016By

As 2016 draws to a close, gasworld looks ahead at what projects, plants and developments we can expect to see in the industrial gas business in 2017. Here you can find gasworld’s edited highlights, from the Middle East and Africa region.

  • helium one thomas abraham james

    Helium One – A journey of discovery

    4 January 2017By , published in gasworld magazine

    One of the most promising new developments in the global helium business last year was the emergence of Helium One, the arrival of a potential new stakeholder in the market with untapped resources in helium production.

  • linde helium dewars January 2017

    Helium – Stable, for the near future

    4 January 2017By Carlos Nulman, published in gasworld magazine

    The helium industry is a fascinating one. It is also an exciting and fun industry to work in…most of the time. It is a truly global industry with far more similarities to the oil and gas industry than to the traditional industrial gas industry, which is much more ‘local’ in ...

  • Market analysis image Sept 16 US gasworld

    The 2016 worldwide helium market

    1 September 2016By Maura D. Garvey

    The worldwide helium market demand in 2016 is about 5.9 billion cubic feet (Bcf) (see Figure 1). This is flat compared to 2015, and a decline of about 100 million cubic feet (mmcf) from five years ago due to demand destruction and global economic weakness.

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