Latvian public transport operator Rigas Satiksme has signed a contract with Solaris, a European producer of special-purpose buses and low-floor trams, for the supply of 10 low-floor trolleybuses equipped with hydrogen fuel cell range extenders.

The new buses will operate on sections of Riga public transport network.

Each trolleybus is to be fitted with a fuel cell as well as battery set, which allows the vehicle to operate without traction energy supply for up to 100km.

A Medcom traction motor will provide the power to drive the vehicle.

Dr.Eng. Dariusz Michalak, Deputy CEO of Solaris, said, “Solaris has been active in the development of alternative drives, not merely electric buses, but also vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. The contract we have just signed with the operator of Latvian capital city is another milestone on the road to considerably increase the number of hydrogen-powered buses in Europe.”