RIX Industries is now offering its M2H2 series methanol-to-hydrogen generation power systems to the rail sector as a clean and green power solution alternative.

Eliminating high costs associated with cryogenic liquid hydrogen storage, the M2H2 series operates in contract to high-pressure compressed hydrogen solutions.

The company says that through the deployment of such technologies, customers can achieve 30%-50% less carbon emissions compared to when using diesel.

A scalable solution, M2H2 can support 30kW to 120kW fuel cell solutions, which can also be combined to support MW applications.

On the new application, Bryan Reid, Chief Sales Officer at RIX Industries, said, “While hydrogen power itself is not new, the ability to generate pure hydrogen onboard and on demand is new and paving the way for a quicker and more cost-effective departure from diesel power.

“Our highly efficient methanol-to-hydrogen power systems provide a readily available path to cleaner fuels in railway applications. It’s an especially critical advancement in the face of looming decarbonisation regulations and mandates meant to redefine the transportation industry’s role in combatting pollution.”

Integration of the technology is mean to be straight forward, with deployment not requiring major retrofit of rail infrastructure. Existing tanks may also be used to store liquid methanol.