Rob Cockerill

Rob Cockerill

Rob Cockerill is the Global Managing Editor of gasworld magazine. Having joined gasworld as news desk journalist in 2007, Rob has exclusively interviewed some of the leading figures in the industrial gases business, and now heads up all editorial in his role as Managing Editor.

Rob is responsible for all editorial planning, a regular speaker at events and commentator on the industry, and heavily involved in setting the themes and agendas for gasworld events.

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    Oxygen: Covid-19 full report available


    Over recent weeks gasworld has released the various chapters of a 10-point playbook of political, social, scientific and economic constructs that underpinned one of the most devastating public health emergencies in a century.

  • MIKROPOR_1508



    Mikropor began its journey in 1987 with a passion to create ‘tomorrow’s technology’ and has gone on to become one of the leading manufacturers of atmospheric air filtration solutions, compressed air treatment systems and gas generation systems for a variety of industries since then.

  • Covid vaccines and dry ice

    In focus…Why dry ice is in focus like never before


    Such is its versatility and increasing range of applications, one could be forgiven for thinking they’ve heard this statement many times before over the last decade: dry ice is in vogue like never before, explains Rob Cockerill.

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    Toasting a greener future


    I’ll drink to that, writes Rob Cockerill, as the stories of a new dawn in low-carbon distillery operations continue to grow.

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    The Covid-19 oxygen crisis, Part 10


    Could we say our oxygen needs were all being met? How prepared were we to deal with Covid-19, and how prepared will we be in future? Is it now time for a global estimate of the number of deaths attributable to lack of access to medical oxygen? These were all ...

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    The Covid-19 oxygen crisis, Part 9


    In the concluding analytical part of this exclusive series, we ask how prepared we might be for the next pandemic. Will our oxygen supply chains be ready, if and when needed? Have we learned the lessons of the Covid-19 pandemic? Can we even expect to improve our response?

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    The Covid-19 oxygen crisis, Part 8


    In part 7 of this exclusive series, we asked if our oxygen preparedness one of the key weak links in the global response to Covid-19. Here in Part 8, we pick up that baton and ask if barriers have been broken in how we perceive industrial versus medical oxygen?

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    Why the water nexus is such a hot topic


    Water: It’s a human need and source of contention as old as civilisation itself, writes Rob Cockerill, as he explains the challenges ahead in water-stress and the opportunity in water treatment applications.

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    We cannot afford to lose momentum in medical oxygen


    We cannot afford to lose momentum in medical oxygen, and for many low and middle-income countries (LMICs) the difficulties in accessing oxygen are systemic and long-term. That’s according to Robert Matiru, Director of the Programme Division at Unitaid, speaking in an exclusive interview with gasworld.

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    SIAD publishes compressor white paper


    Italy-based SIAD Group has made its new white paper on current and future compressor design available to all, via gasworld’s new White Papers platform.

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    The Covid-19 oxygen crisis, Part 7


    The Covid-19 pandemic was a preventable disaster with weak links at every point in the chain of preparedness and response, says the summary of findings from a report from the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response. The question is, was our oxygen preparedness one of the key weak links ...

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    The Covid-19 oxygen crisis, Part 6


    The scene is set: healthcare systems in a complex balancing act, political distractions at play, and a new virus emerging from origins evidently unknown. We’ve discussed the discovery of oxygen, here in Part 6 of gasworld’s exclusive series we look at the oxygen supply chains at the heart of the ...

  • Rob Cockerill FC - Cut out

    A succession change like no other?


    The announcement yesterday that Sanjiv Lamba will succeed Steve Angel as CEO of Linde plc is an interesting development on so many levels, writes gasworld’s Rob Cockerill.

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    New white paper considers compressor choices


    A new white paper from gas transfer and compression solutions manufacturer Haskel outlines the key considerations and choices to be made in selecting high pressure gas and liquid compression equipment.

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    Significant large-scale ASU growth ahead


    We are leaping ‘orders of magnitude’ from mega-scale to giga-scale hydrogen projects globally, and with that will come significant growth in large-scale ASU (air separation unit) projects. That’s the verdict of Stephen B. Harrison, Managing Director of sbh4 consulting, speaking during gasworld’s Air Gases webinar last week.

  • Linde,Ceylon Oxygen

    The Covid-19 oxygen crisis, Part 5


    The scene is set from the series so far: healthcare systems in a complex balancing act, political distractions at play, and a new virus emerging from origins evidently unknown. Here in Part 5 of gasworld’s exclusive series we explore the discovery and use of medical oxygen – the product that ...

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    The Covid-19 oxygen crisis, Part 4


    Part 4 of gasworld’s new series explores the political battlegrounds that were drawn and fought in 2019/20 and questions whether these could have influenced or indeed hindered the national or even global response to the oncoming Covid-19 pandemic.

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    Oxygen: New report from coalition into pneumonia control


    The Every Breath Counts coalition has today released a new report into the way in which pneumonia is treated and controlled.

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    10 minutes with…Henry Boshoff


    Take 10 minutes out with Henry Boshoff, Business Manager, Industrial & Special Gases at Afrox.

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    Process Sensing Technologies


    Complete trace impurity measurement for UHP specialty gases, with Process Sensing Technologies (PST).

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