Rob Cockerill

Rob Cockerill

Rob Cockerill is the Global Managing Editor of gasworld magazine. Having joined gasworld as news desk journalist in 2007, Rob has exclusively interviewed some of the leading figures in the industrial gases business, and now heads up all editorial in his role as Managing Editor.

Rob is responsible for all editorial planning, a regular speaker at events and commentator on the industry, and heavily involved in setting the themes and agendas for gasworld events.

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  • Design_RC-Chart[3]-01

    Chart’s launchpad into clean energies growth


    Rob Cockerill observes how Chart’s latest acquisition demonstrates its strong and evident alignment with not just its core areas of focus – but the emerging energy markets that will drive growth in the future.

  • Helium2020__Coming Soon (1)

    Helium: return of gasworld webinars to focus on helium markets


    Following their successful launch this summer when hundreds of industrial gas professionals tuned in for discussion and debate, gasworld webinars return this week with a three-part series devoted to helium markets and sponsored by Evonik.

  • 2CUTOUT_margot-1

    10 minutes with… Margot Matthews


    Take 10 minutes out with Margot Matthews, CEO of the LNG Marine Fuel Institute, as she discusses what kind of year it’s been for the organisation, its’ footprint and compliance with IMO 2020 so far.

  • Editors-Tile

    Mixed fortunes in LNG markets


    It’s interesting to read GlobalData’s take this week on BP’s LNG business as it pivots away from big oil in the long-term, and the commitments that it’s claimed it needs to make in what is a relatively uncertain LNG market right now.

  • Watlow Heat Exchnger Solutions

    Turning up the heat in LNG


    Discussing a step up in heat exchanger solutions with Watlow, by Rob Cockerill.

  • lng Ship

    IMO 2020 – A new wave in LNG?


    At the turn of the year, I had written about five key areas to watch out for in the global industrial gases business, from the economic climate through to digitisation and the clean energies transition. The industry is simultaneously challenged by these dynamics and takes opportunities in driving them forward.

  • LNG Markets Figure 1

    LNG markets – Mixed fortunes in 2020


    It’s been a big and yet mixed year for LNG. On the one hand, it was hoped that 2020 would be a cornerstone year for LNG as one of many fuelling options available to help the maritime sector navigate the choppy new waters of IMO 2020.

  • Gold

    EVOL LNG to supply Davyhurst gold project in Western Australia


    EVOL LNG, the LNG business of Wesfarmers in Australia, has announced that it will soon begin supply of LNG to the Davyhurst Gold Mine in Western Australia.


    MIL’S invests in automatic welding centre


    France-based MIL’S has revealed recent investment in a new welding automatic welding centre that benefits its production planning.

  • gasworld Virtual Event 2020 TILES_Artboard 1 copy 4

    gasworld launches Virtual Event


    Helium Shortage 3.0, clean fuels, and digitisation have all been pressing talking points in the global industrial gases business in 2020 – a year so dominated and affected by the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Against this backdrop, gasworld is launching its first ever virtual event.

  • Skyline Singapore

    Gastech to introduce hydrogen to 2021 show


    Having this week made its return to the events stage in a virtual format, Gastech has just announced that it will next year introduce a hydrogen exhibition and conference element to its show.

  • Virtual World Concept

    Gastech returns with Virtual Summit


    Gastech has made its return to the events stage, in a virtual guise, as the world’s leading event for the gas, LNG and energy industry began with an exploration of the latest commercial strategies and trends for these sectors yesterday.

  • EGE - 1

    Nippon Gases Europe on its arrival in the market and a vision for Europe


    It’s been a successful 20 months of life under TNSC for the new Nippon Gases Europe, but with a wealth of opportunities for growth and a determination to expand its market share. “We are not planning to be 10% forever,” affirms President Eduardo Gil Elejoste, in an exclusive interview for ...

  • Sherwood Valve logo

    Safety and longevity in specialty gases


    Why high pressure and even higher performance are second nature at Sherwood Valve.

  • Photo on 8-18-20 at 1.51 PM

    10 minutes with… Matthew Nolting


    Take 10 minutes out with Matthew Nolting, Sales Manager at FasTest, as he discusses his perspective on the specialty gases business, FasTest’s origins and specialty gas product range.

  • Bill

    10 minutes more with… William ‘Bill’ Geiger


    Take 10 minutes out with William ‘Bill’ Geiger, CEO of Consolidated Sciences (CONSCI), as he discusses

  • Editors-Tile

    Exuding energy for future pathways


    In a week full of quarterly financials and the broader backdrop of a year so clearly dominated by Covid-19, it would have been easy to miss the significance of two key stories recently concerning the basic building blocks of the industrial gases industry, writes Rob Cockerill.

  • EDITED_Dry Ice All clean 20200604_115347

    Exclusive: The future is now for dry ice


    Swiss dry ice and CO2 recovery plant specialist Comtecswiss has exclusively revealed to gasworld the launch of its new oil-free dry ice machine, described as a ‘world innovation’ in this ever-growing market.

  • Doctor Woman holds Oxygen Mask for Inhale breath problem Patient, Coronavirus or Covid19 attack Lungs



    Prior to the dawn of 2020, few of us would have heard of coronavirus. We might have seen a speculative news story around the turn of the year, a narrative describing a mysterious new virus that had taken lives in China – but it’s perhaps unlikely that we paid it ...

  • hands making heart shape

    Medical gases: What is supplemental oxygen?


    The provision of oxygen – and its supply chain – has been at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19. Yet it has always been one of the most important, life-saving gases used in medicine, since the 1800s in fact – so what is ‘supplemental oxygen’ and how is it ...

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