Rob Cockerill

Rob Cockerill

Rob Cockerill is the Global Managing Editor of gasworld magazine. Having joined gasworld as news desk journalist in 2007, Rob has exclusively interviewed some of the leading figures in the industrial gases business, and now heads up all editorial in his role as Managing Editor.

Rob is responsible for all editorial planning, a regular speaker at events and commentator on the industry, and heavily involved in setting the themes and agendas for gasworld events.

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+44 1872 225031
  • Coronavirus deadly outbreak and coronaviruses influenza background as dangerous flu strain cases as a pandemic medical health risk concept with disease cells as a 3D render.

    Manaus: Brazilian city in oxygen crisis


    Widespread media reports suggest that hospitals in the Brazilian city of Manaus have reached ‘breaking point’ in their treatment of growing numbers of Covid-19 patients, as oxygen shortages take hold in the region.

  • Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 13.57.02

    In focus… LNG markets and helium production


    Helium, a global commodity delivered though a complex global supply chain. Having been through various periods of peaks and troughs in supply, the increasing challenge for the helium business is the diversity and reliability of its sourcing operations.

  • CUTOUT_Unknown

    10 minutes with… Walter Jennings


    Take 10 minutes out with Walter Jennings Chairman of Noble Helium, as he discusses his take on all the developments and discussion in helium markets over the past year, as well as the company’s aims for the year ahead.

  • Nippon Gases Europe 2

    Helium: Focus on Europe


    From Helium Shortage 2.0 to the early curtailment of Helium Shortage 3.0 last year at the hands of the Covid-19 pandemic, the last decade in the global helium business has been dominated by stories of supply and demand.

  • Understanding the market in 2021

    Helium: Understanding the market in 2021


    If the message this time last year was that everything you knew was about to change, then with the dawn of 2021 we are on the cusp of that significant step change in the global helium business.

  • Linde plc COO Sanjiv Lamba

    Heroes, high hopes and hydrogen


    Thoughts on the industrial gases business in 2021, with Linde plc COO Sanjiv Lamba, by Rob Cockerill.

  • Lahore, Pakistan

    Exclusive: Pakistan’s renewable hydrogen hopes


    Hydrogen holds hope for many nations as they seek to implement the Paris Agreement and its decarbonisation targets. Pakistan has recognised the potential also and has high hopes for renewable hydrogen, writes Rob Cockerill in an interview with Asian Development Bank (ADB), Pakistan’s National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA), ...

  • RC2-02

    Reminders of our industry’s agility…and roadmaps to its future


    What a year. How many times has that sentence been uttered this year? These are exceptional times and 2020 is for all, very much the year we’d like to forget and move on from. Yet, writes Rob Cockerill, amidst it all we have seen strong reminders once more of the ...

  • mockup-Webinars--Webinar

    The year that launched gasworld webinars


    In the absence of its industry-leading international events, gasworld ushered in a new era of free-to-view, dynamic industrial gas webinars in June 2020 – and looks ahead to an exciting programme of webinar discussion, debate and analysis in 2021.

  • gasworld Virtual Event 2020 TILES_Artboard 1 copy 4

    Virtual Event 2020: Dawn of a new era in industrial gases


    The inaugural gasworld Virtual Event 2020 appeared to usher in a new era for the global industrial gases business earlier this week, as it explored a crescendo of new market opportunities that are converging on the industry and providing the launchpad for the next wave of growth.

  • sanjiv-lamba-2-sing19

    Sanjiv Lamba: Heroes amidst one of the hardest years


    We live in ‘exceptional times’ and we should acknowledge not only how the industrial gases industry has shone during the Covid-19 pandemic but also has so many heroes within its ranks, says Linde plc COO-elect, Sanjiv Lamba.

  • Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 08.32.37

    Sanjiv Lamba: Asia-Pacific building momentum, learning to live with Covid


    “We will get back to a pre-Covid recovery, I have no doubt about that and I’m quite optimistic about how Asia-Pacific is performing and moving forward. But the reality also is, we are learning to live with this virus. We are learning to co-exist and survive, and this economic recovery ...

  • gasworld Virtual Event 2020 TILES_Artboard 1 copy 4

    gasworld Virtual Event 2020 just hours away


    In just 15 hours time, gasworld’s first-ever Virtual Event will be underway, providing attendees with a forum for discussion and debate of topics that matter most to business today.

  • shutterstock_1327890173

    Vietnam vying for emerging hotspot status


    As gasworld prepares to host its first ever virtual event next week, focused on the Asia-Pacific markets, we take a look at a market most certainly in everyone’s future thinking when it comes to this enterprising region – Vietnam.

  • Editors-Tile

    A circular approach to the shape of our future


    Hydrogen rightly courts all of the attention today when we talk about the clean energies transition and green industrial revolutions. It’s the fast-emerging darling of the energy sector, it’s enjoyed an incredible year in terms of momentum, and I do firmly believe it’s about as close to a silver bullet ...

  • sanjiv-lamba-2-sing19

    Countdown on to gasworld virtual event


    The countdown is on to gasworld’s inaugural virtual event, with less than two weeks to go until the online conference gets underway.

  • _MG_9833

    Covid-19 vaccine: Cold Jet urges dry ice business to upgrade equipment


    Leading dry ice specialist Cold Jet is urging the industry to upgrade its equipment and optimise production, as the hot topic of a Covid-19 vaccine continues to gather pace.

  • Close-up Of King Chess Pieces On Wooden Blocks With Mergers And Acquisitions

    IC Biomedical: New life sciences player established


    Milton Street Capital has announced the simultaneous acquisition of the Life Sciences business of Worthington Industries and International Cryogenics, Inc.

  • Cesar Callejo Nippon Gases Europe

    10 minutes with… César Callejo

    Take 10 minutes out with César Callejo, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Nippon Gases Europe, as he discusses digitisation, Nippon Gases’ new website and what he sees as the biggest opportunity in the next five years.

  • Cesar Callejo Nippon Gases Europe

    10 minutes with… César Callejo


    Take 10 minutes out with César Callejo, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Nippon Gases Europe, as he discusses digitisation, Nippon Gases’ new website and what he sees as the biggest opportunity in the next five years.

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