Rob Cockerill

Rob Cockerill

Rob Cockerill is the Global Managing Editor of gasworld magazine. Having joined gasworld as news desk journalist in 2007, Rob has reported from a number of international industry conferences and events, exclusively interviewed some of the leading figures in the industrial gases business, and now heads up all editorial in his role as Global Managing Editor.

A regular reporter, feature writer and columnist, in his current position Rob is particularly responsible for all magazine content and editorial planning.

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  • Messer Group 1

    Messer: The biggest decision I have ever made


    Exclusive: Messer Group owner and CEO Stefan Messer talks to gasworld about the company’s pending acquisition of Linde assets in the US, Brazil, Colombia and Canada, a deal described as ‘the biggest decision I have ever made in my life’.

  • drawing-a-line-in-the-sand

    Praxair-Linde: Countdown to completion, Part 2


    Part 2. With major divestment packages agreed and a long-held deadline for completion nearing, gasworld looks at what remains to be decided – including whether a new line in the sand will be drawn for divestments.

  • Art Waskey Time well spent

    Praxair-Linde: Countdown to completion


    Part 1. gasworld reviews where the mega merger currently stands and key developments so far, including whether there will be a countdown to completion at all.

  • Businessman-with-tablet-computer-working-on-screen-over-virtual-background Distribution

    ‘Digital change is coming’


    It is unquestionable that digital change is coming and e-commerce is gaining traction, the question is whether the gases industry will deliver the solution itself or rely on B2B platforms from outside, says Dr. Cornelia Klaubert, Manager of gasido.

  • 2017 linde hydrogen co2 pressure swing adsorption

    Linde: More merger divestments likely


    Discussions with various antitrust authorities have resulted in further indications that merger clearances of the business combination of Linde and Praxair could be subject to requirements more onerous than previously expected.

  • The Great Lakes report, Incorporating Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Ohio

    The Great Lakes report


    Incorporating Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Ohio, with gasworld Business Intelligence.

  • Medical market potential in South Africa

    Medical market potential in South Africa


    With an estimated population of more than 56 million in 2018, the medical market need – and potential – in South Africa is certainly significant.

  • Telematics and digitisation

    In focus...Telematics and digitisation


    Industry 4.0 is widely acknowledged as heralding the next Industrial Revolution. We are on the brink of a technological revolution that will alter the way we live and work, all based upon digitisation. As part of this, telematics is revolutionising the way our product is delivered.

  • Dollars 426023 1280

    Air Products reports fiscal Q3 results


    Air Products has today reported fiscal third quarter (2018) sales of $2.3bn that rose 6% over the prior year, as well as net income from continuing operations of $431m.

  • Co2

    CO2 shortage: One month on, CO2 recovery potential in focus


    One month on from the European CO2 supply shortage that sent shockwaves through food and beverage markets and the mainstream press alike, and much of the frenzy surrounding this supply chain crisis has long since dissipated.

  • 08 Climeworks Plant to Sky Copyright Climeworks Photo by Julia Dunlop

    DAC: A solution in CO2 self-sufficiency?


    Last month’s European carbon dioxide (CO2) supply shortage sent shockwaves through food and beverage markets as a combination of factors left manufacturers desperate for product.

  • China currency close up

    Hangyang interested in buying stake in Baosteel Gases


    Hangzhou Hangyang Co. Ltd (Hangyang) is reportedly keen to expand the scope and market share of its business in China, with the pursuit of a majority stake in Baosteel Gases.

  • financial decision, merger, acquisition

    Praxair-Linde: Questions still to be answered


    The merger of Praxair and Linde has taken several significant steps forward in recent weeks, with approvals secured in the Americas region (Brazil, Mexico) and arguably the two biggest divestment packages determined in Europe and the Americas.

  • Messer Truck

    Messer: Going full circle with acquisitions


    In 1898, Adolf Messer started a company from his workshop in Frankfurt-Höchst, Germany, for the fabrication of acetylene gas generators. He employed four blue-collar workers and one salaried employee.

  • Messer group cropped

    Linde confirms CVC-Messer asset purchase


    Linde has confirmed that a consortium comprising of the Messer Group and CVC Capital Partners Fund VII have entered into an agreement to purchase the majority of Linde’s gases business in North America and certain business activities in South America.

  • flag-1291945_960_720

    CVC-Messer in talks to acquire Linde’s US assets


    It has emerged in the last few minutes that a consortium of CVC Capital Partners and the Messer group is in advanced talks to acquire the majority of Linde’s gas business in North America and individual parts of Linde and Praxair in South America.

  • WHA Company Profile

    WHA International, Inc.


    For over 30 years, WHA International has been helping clients understand, evaluate, and mitigate hazards and fire risks associated with oxygen and other hazardous fluids.

  • Afghanistan, Pakistan

    Regional markets – Focus on Central Asia


    At the time of writing, the Central Asia region is understood to be in a situation of economic flux. Having been benefiting from modestly rising oil prices, benign global financing conditions and solid growth in the Euro Area, a June 2018 report from the World Bank described momentum easing in ...

  • medical-touch-screen-stats

    Oxygen – Applications and distribution


    So often described as the gas of life, oxygen is the most fundamental and recognisable of the air gases. As essential to industry as it is to life, oxygen is among the top five most widely used chemicals in the world. It is arguably the industrial gas which needs no ...

  • Minnesota

    The Plains report


    Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota in focus with gasworld Business Intelligence.

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