Rob Cockerill

Rob Cockerill

Rob Cockerill is the Global Managing Editor of gasworld magazine. Having joined gasworld as news desk journalist in 2007, Rob has exclusively interviewed some of the leading figures in the industrial gases business, and now heads up all editorial in his role as Managing Editor.

Rob is responsible for all editorial planning, a regular speaker at events and commentator on the industry, and heavily involved in setting the themes and agendas for gasworld events.

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+44 1872 225031
  • CUTOUT_Unknown

    10 minutes with… Oksana Pilatova


    Take 10 minutes out with Oksana Pilatova of GasVessel, as she tells us more about the FRACO pressure vessel and explains more about this new innovation.

  • TimFuscoHeadshot2021

    10 minutes with…Tim Fusco


    Take 10 minutes out with Tim Fusco, CEO of TrackAbout, to learn more about the company’s acquisition by Datacor, the trends it sees in asset management, and where the TrackAbout focus is today.

  • copyright worthington industries

    Worthington Industries


    Why Worthington Industries is the full package – many cultures, and one great portfolio, explains a company profile from gasworld.

  • RGB

    Industry 4.0 cylinders


    Engineering the future in a digitised world of packaged gases – a perspective from AMBRA Sistemi.

  • PSD 005

    A paradigm shift in asset management


    A paradigm shift is underway with traditional notions of asset management, writes Rob Cockerill in the latest in gasworld’s Smart Series features.

  • Compliance, safety-helmet-and-architect-blueprints

    Safety in packaged gases


    Failure analysis of an internal liquid oxygen valve fire: A case study from WHA International.

  • SF3

    High pressure gas filling meets industry 4.0


    Rob Cockerill gets the inside track on automation technologies from TM Norway AS.

  • graph

    Optimising industrial gases


    The packaged gas industry is faced with market volatility, changing supply and demand, and in many cases, skyrocketing costs. Gas booster technology can help to optimise output and revenues, explains an exclusive insight from Haskel.

  • Kevin Lynch for GW Article (1)

    Industrial gases IIoT: How far beyond it will take us


    The arrival of Industry 4.0 is one of the key megatrends shaping our future today. How we live, work and relate to one another is changing before our eyes, a journey described as the next Industrial Revolution that we have been on for several years now in various stages of ...

  • CUTOUT_Rod Christie_Headshot[1]

    10 minutes with… Rod Christie


    10 minutes with… Rod Christie, Executive VP, Turbomachinery & Process Solutions, Baker Hughes.

  • 1shutterstock_481669951

    Understanding electrolyser technologies


    They’re widely understood to be one of the key building blocks of the green hydrogen-based society, even cited as such by the International Energy Agency (IEA). They offer a way to produce clean hydrogen from low-carbon electricity, and they are at the fulcrum of the bold targets of the €750bn ...

  • shades of hydrogen

    Shades of hydrogen


    “Not all hydrogen is created equal,” explained Nel Hydrogen’s David Bow, then senior vice-president of Sales and Marketing, in a feature for gasworld magazine in 2017. “There are two general types of hydrogen available in today’s commercial marketplace: ‘brown’ hydrogen and ‘green’ hydrogen.”

  • IBG Map

    IBG: We still need oxygen


    Two weeks since Manaus hit the headlines for its tragic scenes of Covid casualties and dire oxygen shortages, gasworld understands the situation remains grave in the Brazilian city.

  • CO2_interview 1

    CO2 supply and applications


    One of the first major investments by Nippon Gases Europe upon completing its purchase of the Praxair Gases Europe business in December 2018, was the construction of a £9.5m ($12.1m) carbon dioxide (CO2) import and distribution terminal at Warrenpoint Port, Northern Ireland.

  • shutterstock_1852647556

    Covid vaccines and dry ice


    Turn the clock back 12 months and the dry ice business was one of the hot topic growth spots for the gases industry and an area of cool optimism against a backdrop of lingering CO2 tightness in some regions. Now, however, it’s the hot topic as 2021 gets underway and ...

  • Coronavirus deadly outbreak and coronaviruses influenza background as dangerous flu strain cases as a pandemic medical health risk concept with disease cells as a 3D render.

    Manaus: Brazilian city in oxygen crisis


    Widespread media reports suggest that hospitals in the Brazilian city of Manaus have reached ‘breaking point’ in their treatment of growing numbers of Covid-19 patients, as oxygen shortages take hold in the region.

  • Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 13.57.02

    In focus… LNG markets and helium production


    Helium, a global commodity delivered though a complex global supply chain. Having been through various periods of peaks and troughs in supply, the increasing challenge for the helium business is the diversity and reliability of its sourcing operations.

  • CUTOUT_Unknown

    10 minutes with… Walter Jennings


    Take 10 minutes out with Walter Jennings Chairman of Noble Helium, as he discusses his take on all the developments and discussion in helium markets over the past year, as well as the company’s aims for the year ahead.

  • Nippon Gases Europe 2

    Helium: Focus on Europe


    From Helium Shortage 2.0 to the early curtailment of Helium Shortage 3.0 last year at the hands of the Covid-19 pandemic, the last decade in the global helium business has been dominated by stories of supply and demand.

  • Understanding the market in 2021

    Helium: Understanding the market in 2021


    If the message this time last year was that everything you knew was about to change, then with the dawn of 2021 we are on the cusp of that significant step change in the global helium business.

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