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    CO2 as a laser gas


    Carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers were one of the earliest gas lasers to be developed in 1964 by Bell Labs, and some claim them to be one of the most powerful continuous lasers available today.

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    Carbon dioxide viewed in a green light


    Thinking in terms of carbon dioxide and ‘green’ chemistry and usage is somewhat of an oxymoron, given CO2 is the most plentiful greenhouse gas around.

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    CO2: A critical role this holiday season


    Writing on the day he is set to attend a corporate Christmas party, Sam A. Rushing looks ahead to the critical role of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the holiday season – a welcome change from talk of critical shortages throughout the second half of 2018.

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    Medical applications for carbon dioxide today


    As the most prevalent greenhouse gas found on earth, carbon dioxide (CO2) has many applications from medical uses, to food processing, to beverage carbonation, and to a wide range of industrial uses.

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    In focus...CO2 applications and sourcing alternatives


    On one hand, carbon dioxide (CO2) is often mentioned in the press as the most abundant greenhouse gas, now in excess of 400 ppm (parts-per-million), according to most measurements, and a serious threat to global warming and a major contributor to climate change.

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    Carbon dioxide and the US distributor network


    For those who have been in the gases business for some years now, it is a fact of life that ever-fewer independent carbon dioxide (CO2) and gases distributors exist today than years ago; or for that matter much fewer than decades ago.

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    The market for dry ice


    Sam A. Rushing explores a unique and ever-growing market – the dry ice business.

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    Liquid CO2 – Low temperature applications


    By far, the cryogenic freezing of food products is the hallmark of low temperature applications for the commodity that is carbon dioxide (CO2), writes Sam A. Rushing.

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    Carbon dioxide sourcing from ethanol


    Carbon dioxide (CO2) by-product from ethanol dominates the sourcing map in the US compared to other source types, where next in line includes sources from ammonia and natural CO2 gas/pipeline facilities, writes Sam A. Rushing.

  • Carbon dioxide in the food processing business

    Carbon dioxide in the food processing business


    In the developed world markets, including North America, Europe, Japan, and many other regions, often the predominant range of applications for carbon dioxide (CO2) is dedicated to a variety of food processing demands, writes Sam A. Rushing.

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    CO2 in manufacturing sector


    I have previously discussed carbon dioxide (CO2) utilisation in a wide range of applications, from healthcare to oil and gas applications, and everything in between.

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    CO2 for beverages


    Carbon dioxide In the beverage industry, and the relationship with drink dispensers. By Sam A. Rushing, Advanced Cryogenics, Ltd.

  • Carbon dioxide and green gases

    Carbon dioxide and the green gases agenda


    Carbon dioxide is generally thought of by those who are not in the gases industries as either a greenhouse gas (heightened by more press than ever surrounding America’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement) or for use in beverage carbonation, and perhaps fire abatement.

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    Carbon dioxide and the life sciences


    Carbon dioxide (CO2) in the life sciences – though this only represents a very small percentage of the greater merchant market, it is an interesting and valuable area of the industry. In the life sciences sector, cryotherapy, cryosurgery and cryopreservation are all interesting topics which can use CO2.

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    Analysing CO2 in the gases industry


    Carbon dioxide (CO2) quality begins with the raw feedstock, and even the ingredients and agents which go into this feedgas or feedstock – these agents can be substances such as the natural gas or coal which is combusted for flue gas, then downstream liquefaction and purification occurs.

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    Carbon capture – The CO2 business in 2017


    Based upon my estimates today, the US CO2 market may approach around 9.8 million short tons of utilisation this year, with most sectors essentially following the relative growth (or shortfall) within the corresponding markets of the sectors they serve. Globally, this merchant market total is over 20 million tons annually.

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    Carbon dioxide – Medical, health, and safety implications


    Carbon dioxide (CO2) is well known as a useful and versatile gas in many applications, starting with chemical process uses to Ph reduction as carbonic acid, and as a solvent in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) applications, but it also has a place in the healthcare industry. On this other extreme ...

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    Carbon dioxide – Sourcing and supply


    Ethanol is the single-largest by-product source of carbon dioxide (CO2) supplying the merchant CO2 industry in the US. The technology for purification, liquefaction, and supplying a viable liquid and dry ice is well known with this source type; and many such sources are relatively untapped domestically.

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    Carbon dioxide in 2016


    The annual global carbon dioxide (CO2) market represents over 20 million metric tons of CO2 consumption in the merchant markets. Captive markets, such as the onsite manufacture of urea, methanol, sodium bicarbonate, and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects account for a significant additional tonnage, beyond the merchant market usage. Sam ...

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    Helium and carbon dioxide


    While this gasworld supplement is primarily dedicated to the subject of helium, I am describing opportunities in the carbon dioxide (CO2) industry, with insight into the Air Products helium recovery operation from a natural CO2 stream located in Colorado.

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