Sensirion AG will introduce its SGP, the first and only long-term stable metal-oxide gas sensor, at this year’s Sensor+Test 2017.

The SGP gas sensor is based on Sensirion’s multi-pixel platform, which integrates four gas sensing elements into a very small 2.45 x 2.45 x 0.9 mm3 DFN package featuring a fully calibrated air quality output signal.

The unprecedented combination of long-term stability and multi-pixel technology opens up new possibilities for environmental monitoring in smart home, appliances and Internet of Things applications. Thanks to its unique performance, the SGP allows for the first time the integration of metal-oxide gas sensors into mobile devices.

Sensirion SGP stable metal-oxide gas sensor

Sensirion SGP stable metal-oxide gas sensor

Traditional metal-oxide gas sensors suffer from poor long-term stability including a rapid loss of sensitivity and a strong increase in response time. This degradation is caused through irreversible contamination by certain chemical compounds which are ubiquitous in real-life applications due to their widespread use in consumer products and production environments.

Sensirion’s proprietary metal-oxide technology and multi-pixel platform provide the SGP with an unmatched robustness against these contaminants resulting in unique long-term stability and accuracy.

Visit Sensirion at Sensor+Test 2017 in Nuremberg between the 30th May and the 1st June, Hall 1, Booth 316.